Gift subscription ideas

Hi all, with another birthday coming up I’m lucky enough to be getting people ask me what I want. I’ve joined SYSTM recently and really enjoying the experience.
Maybe i’m getting a bit carried away but thought getting people to give me the gift of extending my Suffering would be an idea that appealed to them. I can’t see anything obvious to achieve this. Any guidance or related thoughts would be welcomed.


Hey Jonathan,
Firstly HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I hope you had a great day!
I am so sorry nobody has got back to you before now. Unfortunately, right now we do not have a gift option available on the website. The best we could do is to help someone purchase a subscription under a different email - and then after the subscription is in place, cancel it so it doesn’t renew and we could change the name.
I appreciate this is not ideal, but our customer service team could help with this:

@purestate In the past some of the Wahoo products come with subscription discounts so that may be an option. I know it worked for the Kickr but am not sure about the Headwind or Climb.

Also if you don’t have a Climb and do have a Kickr I would recommend adding that to your list. It worked great for me on The Wretched this morning - changing the grade to 10% at points and making it easier to stand and climb.

Thanks both. I did have a good birthday. I just resorted to the old ‘cash’ request but have stashed it away to pay for my renewal and sent people some screenshots. Some consternation around my Suffering (but that’s the point I said :laughing: ) and admiring comments for the Tasmanian scenery.