Wahoo X Annual Subscription price increase?

Hello there,

I just received an email from Wahoo X suggesting to lock in for a year as the prices “will be going up”.

True thing or usual catch?


That’s been the rate for a long time.

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It’s true. We’ll have more news about what the new annual price will be later in the year (current price is $129 USD). Monthly is not going up. Price change takes effect on 15 Nov. If you are not yet on an annual subscription, I’d recommend getting on it! If you are on annual, but you don’t renew until sometime in 2023, you’ll have the opportunity to get in at the current price – stay tuned for details on that to come.


Hmm, I followed the link in the email, logged in, changed my annual plan from whatever it was called last September to the new SYSTM X, paid the $129.99 + tax, received a ‘greetings email’ and my renewal date is still Feb 2023. Wahoo support was contacted yesterday but no response from them (which is unusual).

Did you follow steps 1-3 stated in the email below the code?
This worked for me.


The email I got had nothing like that. No code, no instructing, just a button to click to take me to the storefront.

Still no response from Wahoo customer support…

Just use the promo code on the online invoice, go to your subscription manager, paste it… and you’re done for ‘your end date + 1 year’. Worked fine for me

Elissa was able to get my account fixed. As I said, I never received a code for my extension.

My email has no code associated with it. I renewed on 10/31/22 as normal. Can I get another year at $129? This would extend my subscription to 10/31/24. This email is not well explained. I am very happy with Systm, the continued new content keeps training very fresh.

Good to hear!

My interpretation is ‘Yes, you can get another year at $129’. I don’t see any renewal date restrictions in the email.

The promotional email doesn’t have a code. From @MichaelBrockhaus above, you get that after you pay the renewal fee.

What I believe it is important to know is:

  1. In case (i.e. my case) that you renewal date is November 19th and you have already order to extend the subscription for a year before November 15th, Will the price still be 129USD?

2)If above is not true, should we order a yearly suscription from Wahoo store before November 15th and redeem the code?

Followed link in email but not clear at all how this will work. Put me off doing anything. Renewal is December.

I like the Wahoo X app, however if I am unable to push workout to my Garmin 130 bike head unit, I will consider value of app before committing to an Annual Subscription next year

You currently can’t push to your Garmin, but from what they’ve continued to state publicly, pushing to Wahoo head units only is only temporary to get the feature tested and started. And then they will push to other head units afterward. So work-in-progress. But since I don’t work for Wahoo I can’t with any certainly exactly how long it will be until that happens. But they have definitely said they want the app to be brand agnostic and are only using Wahoo head units since it’s easiest as a first step.

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Hi, I haven’t had an email. My subscription isn’t due for renewal until May.

@Timothy1961 There is a browser extension workaround for non-Wahoo bike computers.

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Try using SYSTM app.
I haven’t got any email either. Yet I got a notification popup when I started SYSTM on my desktop.
I followed ‘learn more’ (or similar) and I was able to purchase subscription renewal, which turned out to be a promo code, and it worked as expected.
My subscription ends in August (2024 now).

Yes, I got that then closed it because I didn’t realise what it was. I’m not getting it again… may try my laptop and see if it appears again.

Try this link. It’s to the Canadian store, but it should fling you to the right place. Otherwise you can check on the store under “Shop All”.

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