Gps accuracy

Hi all, Have new Elemnt Roam. Having problems with GPS accuracy

  1. Do you know what ‘GPS accu’ mean? The higher the number the higher the accuracy or vice versa?
  2. I cannot live tracking they same as on Garmin.
    Email shows that ride is in progress, but no location as to where I am at live?!
  3. Turns are sometimes a block or more off! I get the turn cues, but accuarcy is way off.

fustrated and may go back to garmin…

I actually find the ROAM pretty good in terms of GPS accuracy. The lower number is better, from what I recall. As for routing, I find the turn notifications are also pretty good getting a first notice about 200ish metres out then a second one at under 100ish metres. That plus the LEDS flash in the direction of the turn (i.e. left to right and right to left).

Live tracking requires you to have the ELEMNT Companion App open on your phone while you are out riding.

Does this mean you need to have your phone with you on the ride? Or can it just be logged in on your home network?

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For live tracking, you need to have your phone with you, the app opened and running. The phone can be “closed” but has to be on.

That is what I thought. Thanks for the confirmation.

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I would also add that if you want accurate GPS info, try to let your device (Garmin, Wahoo, whatever!) figure out where it is before you start recording. Start it up ahead of when you need to begin the activity, give it at least a minute but if possible a few minutes is better. When it boots up, it needs to locate satellites, but it may also be connecting to sensors (speed, power, cadence, etc) and DOES need to connect to your phone (via Bluetooth, probably) and when it does, it may ALSO be trying to download courses, Strava or Garmin or __ segments, other activities on other linked devices, and even more!
If you USE courses, it’s always better to have started your device earlier than all this if you’ve just created a new course to ride that hasn’t previously loaded to your device. Let that get added to the device beforehand and it won’t be delaying you even longer when you get to a starting point to ride.
These devices are (IMO!) NEVER FAST at all this stuff. I’ve previously watched my Edge 830 downloading assorted information for more than 20 minutes after starting a ride. Cell service impacts this negatively if coverage is poor where you’re going, so it helps to get as much out of the way earlier if possible.

Used the live tracking yesterday and it worked like a charm. My wife was able to track my ride. Also used my new Garmin radar and was very pleased. It made the ride much more comfortable knowing about approaching vehicles.


Nice! FWIW, I’ve noticed recently that I don’t have to have the CA open and the Live Track notification still gets sent. Now, I’m not 100% certain if that’s because I start my ride from home and am on my local wifi network, or, if it’s been a dev tweak where as long as the phone is paired to the ROAM2 Live Track link gets sent out after starting the ride.