Half is Easy music synch

Morning All
Perhaps an inane comment but just finished Igniter followed by Half is Easy. By the time the second session of Half is Easy I was chewing my stem and listening to the music to know when the intervals were done.
It seems there is a synch error as the calm music would start a couple of seconds before the power eased off.
I know this seems silly but when you are praying for it to end a couple of seconds seems a lifetime :slight_smile:
Or is it just me?
Have a good day all

Well @SiJones73, I mean sound travels 343m/s @ mean sea level, whereas suffering is instantaneous (and constant). Maybe you’re experiencing some weird, pain doppler effect?


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You may well be correct @CPT_A :thinking: hadn’t considered that

Perhaps the minions should draft a Theory of Relative Suffering so we can all better appreciate these nuances :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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