Half monty - TP peaak performances

Funny thing…
I had a great race on the bkool platform today. I gave me som great peak numbers - thanks to all the SUF training.
But, when I look at the Trainingpeaks Peak performances, I notice, that none of my Half monty results appears here.
If I open one of my Half Monty results, I can see that my 1min, 5min and 10min power is rated as 1,2,3 etc of all times in Peak performances.
But they down show up in… peak performances…

It like… it’s there… but not really there… but it’s is… maybe…

The Full Frontal tests are showing up fine in the peak performances… just not Half monty.

Is it just me? or is it a Trainingpeaks / integration issue?



TrainingPeaks recalculates all the stats when you upload a workout (directly or via an external app such as SYSTM - no choice there, things like 5min best aren’t included in .fit) so it’s for sure (well, not for sure for sure but I can’t see how it could not be for sure) a TrainingPeaks issue, not SYSTM. Unless the Half Monty upload gets tagged as something other than “Bike” for some weird reason :man_shrugging:

I just tried a “fun” thing… something that shouldn’t help… but… :wink:
Half Monty was listed as a bike workout. As it should. I changed it to a “Other” workout, and back to “Bike” again…
Voila… It showed up on the list…
I better do a new Half Monty, to see if it does it again… :wink:


Well, of course. Experimenting via Suffering. GvA would approve :grinning:

Half Month is a ramp test followed by a twenty minute z2 effort so I wouldn’t expect to record any all time records. The SYSTM app calculates 5 minute/ MAP and FTP using an algorithm, which is why they only appear in this app.