Half Monty Results Clarification

Hi… Can someone clarify whether doing the Half Monty will update my performance figures from a 4DP test. I seem to have read somewhere when I first looked into the Systm training that it didn’t but more recently I see many comments where it implies it does, which I find strange as the 4DP is considered more accurate. I ask because about 8 weeks ago I did the HM and got my figures, which my training was then based on and more recently I did the 4DP test at the end of my 12 week all purpose plan and they were a lot higher. FTP + 16 watts, MAP + 6 watts, AC + 21 watts and NM + 149 watts and for me at just 60 kg’s these are big jumps. I am presently doing the MAP plan and then intend to do the TT plan afterwards where there is a HM test part way through and I am worried that try as hard as I may this test may actually reduce my figures. I know my current figures are about right because I did Nine Hammers a few days ago and made all the power levels just about to the end but chewing the stem!!

Everything you need to know is here https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/articles/4404067414418-The-Half-Monty-fitness-assessment-Everything-you-need-to-know. In this article from FAQ:

Will my results update my Full Frontal Rider Profile? No. The only way to update your rider profile is to take the Full Frontal Fitness Test. After completing Half Monty, you should see your new MAP, FTP, and LTHR results in your Workout Settings.

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Thanks. So just to add, will my future workouts be based on the latest Half Monty results or remain on the Full Frontal figures as this isn’t clearly explained? thanks

Your future workouts will be based on the latest Half Monty result, but Half Monty updates only MAP, FTP and LTHR values, nothing more (AC and NM values remain the same). Anyway you can manually update any value if needed.


cheers, got it now!



For my purposes, I feel relying on a Half Monty will only be half-fast. I always do a 1 week test plan that includes a HM on day three and a Full Frontal on day 7. FF, that’s Fully Fast.

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