Half Monty

Why not include the NM and AC tests in the Half Monty - those are “easier” parts of FF for me?

The AC test is not just a test of your AC, it is a test of your ability to recover from repeated efforts. Without the previous part of the FF, it is not meaningful to the Suf analytics. Hence, it is not in the HM.

You could always do a NM test whenever you wish, and edit your numbers.


So put the AC test after everything else.

I’m sure that with a bit of thought, something could be developed…which would be an improvement over nothing.

It is not the same. The load of the HM before the AC in your ersatz FF would not be equivalent to that of the previous load before the AC in the FF.

To my understanding, the purpose of the HM is to provide you with calibrations on MAP and FTP without having to do a FF. It was not designed to measure AC and NM.

Changing it to do so would give you a second version of the FF. What would be the point? Since it has to be isomorphic to the original FF, it would not be any easier.


Because I find FF to be so difficult I gave it up…and abandoned The Sufferfest for a couple of years. One time I did FF, if the 20 min part was 30 seconds longer I would have puked and another time I did puke after the 5 min part. I haven’t actually done the HM yet but it can’t be worse than that.

So I’m thinking there might be a way to modify the HM to approximate the other numbers.


We have to clarify a few things.
(Personal opinion) I consider FF a medium workout.
Many people find it hard and i have narrowed it down to 2 things.

1st your mind makes it look hard. You want to get good numbers, you get anxious, the adrenaline gets pumped up and as a result, it looks hard.

2nd you do not pace it correctly. You are trying too much for these “new and better” numbers.
Maybe you are not rested enough, maybe you have not improved as much as you’d like too.
It’s fine, don’t think too much about it.

The more clear headed you are before an FF, the better you will do during.

As for your question, i completely agree with what @Heretic said above and i will just give a couple of cents.

For calculating the NM:
Do a couple of sprints before the HM, just like you do during the FF.
I think it should be more “fair” like that.

For calculating the AC:
Do “The Trick” workout on LVL mode and get the average power during the 3rd interval. I have found out that this is about ±5% of my AC as measured during an FF.
I believe it’s as close as you can get it.
Or get the average from all 4 intervals, if you prefer.


@Yojimbo I don’t know about a “medium” workout, but I tend to agree with @lapingv755 that a) FF very much about proper pacing, and b) head games make it much harder than it is.

Here’s my two cents, which helped me going in. After the first FF I did in Sufferfest - with all the corresponding nerves and “what’s this going to be like” - over the course of the next couple of programs I just did it as a “regular” workout, at recommended 100% FTP, and then I stuck to the profile throughout the session. It was challenging but doable, and a solid 1hr workout. Also gave my legs a feel for the pacing of the effort.

The next time I tested, I just set the FTP level to 110% and ran it again, still sticking to the profile, but pushing the NM and MAP as I felt motivated. Completely demystified FF and my #'s went up, in a controlled manner. I think I maybe did FF one more time in training, where I again just set it a little higher above FTP (maybe 105%?), again for a controlled effort.

I run FF normal now at testing, but prior efforts have taught me how to pace it w/o blowing up and reaching for the bucket.


I took a day’s rest and then completed it the next day.

You numbers will not be perfect, but that is better than your current situation. You will still get improved numbers over time.