Has this ever happened to you?

I signed up for a free SYSTM trial using the Credit Card I always use on every purchase I make online and elected a yearly subscription once free trial elapsed. At first I wasn’t thrilled with the app so I deleted my my CC information and left it blank so no charge would be made automatically and I would have to be notified if I wanted to continue with the yearly subscription. Somehow, my wife’s credit card was debited for the yearly subscription. I have never used her credit card ever, however, she has made purchases with her credit card on my computer, but never with Wahoo. I wrote to the wahoo support and was dumbfounded with their response. Not only did they not believe me that I would never use my wife’s credit card without her knowledge, and make a serious attempt to find out what really happened the rep actually told me I had entered the information the same day I entered my own credit card information, which just is not true. So somehow my wife was hit with the charge, now refunded, but how the hell could this happen. There is no way I would be stupid enough to steal her card, enter her information, and pretend I did not do it. Any ideas?

No, this has never happened to me.

Any chance that your browser saved her card details when she used your machine in the past and then somehow they were used when you signed up?

It wouldn’t really cause in full what you’re describing becuase you said that you deleted your card details but I have certianly had similar things in the past where I’ve filled in a form and I’ve been moving around the form I’ve accidentally changed the entry details to something the browser has stored. I try to make sure it doesn’t store card details but these things can do dumb things when they’re trying to be smart.