WahooX does not recognize subscription via Appstore

Hello, I have subscribed to WahooX through the Apple Appstore. Unfortunately, the app does not recognize this subscription. A refund of the amount debited is not possible and I don’t see the point in subscribing again directly through Wahoo.

I wrote to Wahoo two days ago, but haven’t gotten a response yet.

Do you know how I can “connect” the AppStore subscription to my account?

Thanks for your answers!

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I’m not 100% sure but I think you also need to sign-up/create a wahoo account. That’s not to say you need to subscribe again, but just to say you need an account with wahoo x, so you can sign in and stuff.

Hello Glen, thanks for your answers. Of course I had already installed the app and registered there. However, I have the “Light” status there, although I previously subscribed to the AppStore.

Sorry but I’m a little confused (doesn’t take much :stuck_out_tongue: ) Did you use a different email address to create the wahoo x account via Apple? Is it possible you have 2 accounts then? To be clear, I dont work for the company (wahoo or Apple) so I can’t actually check things behind the scenes.

Yes indeed, my e-mail address for wahoox is not my appleID. I had already considered that it could be because of this. have therefore created a second account with user ID = AppleID. there I have now but also only the two-week trial to run. Incidentally, wahoo support has not yet responded either.

Wahoo support is usually pretty responsive. Not even sure they can help since you subscribed through Apple but hang in there.

Can you provide a screen shot or 2 of what happens when you login under each email?