Problem processing subscription

Has anyone else had problems trying to process a subscription renewal today? I can’t get mine to go through despite trying two different cards. A zero charge is going through to the bank, and I therefore remain unsubscribed

I’ve submitted a support request, so I guess I’ll just need to wait patiently :joy:

Just keeping the mood cheerful, could it be that Wahoo is giving a month or a fortnight free? :smirk: :smirk:

Haha maybe so! I’ve had a trial before so i can’t take advantage of that while waiting to hear back.

Hahaha You never know, maybe Christmas came early for you this year :smile:
In fact, you thread here led me to ask if there’s a way for me to get a subscription billing invoice or something or even an annual billing summary statement. :thinking:

Having the same issue no solution yet

If your address details for payment are outside the USA, which is the case for me, you need to leave the ZIP code field blank


@Potsiea did leaving the ZIP field blank solve your problem? I think I have the same problem. When I click on subscribe after filling everything out, it goes directly back to the subscription selection page. No error or anything. I created a ticket and I’m waiting a response from customer service.

Yes it did