Headwind Fan Question

HI All,

I’m considering a Headwind fan and have a question for the Headwind users.

My indoor training setup is such that the front wheel of the bike is basically up against a shelving unit in a small area of the garage.

The fan I currently use is placed on the shelving unit and aimed at the rider (me).
I’m considering purchasing the Headwind fan, (currently on sale!).
Because my setup won’t allow the Headwind to be placed on the floor in front of the bike, would the unit still be effective if placed on the floor offset from the center of the bike, aimed up at the rider.

Any opinions on this placement will be most appreciated. Thanks in advance, Max.

@City_Guy Offset from center will work but closer to the front will probably be better.

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I don’t have a Headwind fan, but for fans in general, personally, I find having it angled ~30 deg from the side rather than head-on works as well, and maybe better as it seems to reduce the stagnation that occurs behind me with the fan directly head on.

Hi all,

Thanks for info. The Headwind may be an option that will work with my setup.

I wouldn’t put a fan to the side unless I had two, one on each side. I find getting chilled on one side only really annoying.


I have two of the headwinds. One in front, one behind. I’d say the more important thing is to get them far enough away from the bike other wise all they do is cool your legs.

I have tried one on the sides angled in and it works well. I actually prefer a disturbed air force over a blasted one directional wind. All you need is air movement to cool down.