Heart rate glitches on Half Monty?

Can anyone explain inaccurate heart rate readings when doing the Half Monty Ramp Test?

I use a Tckr chest strap, a 2021 Kickr Core and an ipad (Ios and Systm both up to date).

I did the test today, HR slowly crept up, then “got stuck” between 120-124bpm. I knew that I was working way harder and reading my pulse manually gave a rate of 155+.

This resulted in me getting to my max on the ramp, still at 124 - but my HR goal for the second half of the test was approx 106-110 BPM. :roll_eyes: At that point I bailed out and deleted the workout - quite fed up as it was the beginning of the ToS plan and I’d just binned the last week of a 12 week plan to do it.

Normally I would put this down to a dud battery or dry connection etc - but this same “freezing” happened last time I did Half Monty. The only major difference between this and my usual training is that I usually use ERG mode - whereas I change to “Level” for the tests.

Any ideas what could be going on here?

Also, should I just carry on with my current stats (3 months old, pre an “all rounder” prog), or aim to do a half monty again?

Thanks for any ideas / pointers / commiseration beers.

I had this very same problem today. When I noticed that my heart rate looked wrong (happily during the warmup), I reached under my shirt and tightened the strap. That seemed to solve the problem.

If the HM results look reasonable, use them (except for the cTHR). Otherwise, return to old numbers and repeat at your convenience.

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Thanks Pete.
Yes, normally a repositioning / dab of spit on sensors / reconnecting the strap would kick it back in to life - but not today, nor the last half monty. I was just thinking it seemed a bit too much of a coincidence.

I think I’ll crack on with my existing numbers and hope for better luck when the next comes, after this training block (will give the tckr a thorough test first). Cheers.

Bill Sullivan.
Bsc (Hons), PgDIP, Adv DIP
Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist

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I’ve had this a few times actually, most recently on the Half Monty workout yesterday same as you, and once before on that workout. I normally delete and then re-add my heart rate monitor at the start of each workout (it’s an old Vivoactive HR so I’ve always put down any issues to the old watch tbh). That normally means everything runs right, but I’ve stopped bothering since the new SYSTM software as…lazy.

For me, I expect the heart rate recording is now and again a bit suspect from the watch, and I don’t normally notice as it’s not so important to the workout - power is. Obvs for Half Monty heart rate is important.

I did finish the workout though, estimating what sort of heart rate I should be going at from the old cTHR figures. A fitness test is just a workout and you then get the training benefit and can compare to other workouts, even if the test itself won’t give great numbers.

Re: numbers moving forward, depends how you feel about the old workout figures. Workouts on old numbers you’ve out grown are often noticeably easier. If they are, raise them by a bit. You should have got your new MAP figure? That could give you a ballpark.

You could also squeeze in a Half Monty in place of Butter next week on the Prep plan? They’re a “little” similar I guess as workouts!

Things to do:

  1. check the strap connections. It could be that the contact area became corroded.
  2. wet the contacts on the strap before putting it on. Use tap water as saliva can cause the rubber to break down (especially if you had any sort of sugary drink).
  3. check the battery. My TICKR was having issues recording properly. My Garmin, which tracks battery condition, never alerted me to a failing battery. One day, I went to ride and no HR.

BTW, my TICKR has flashing lights. Before I put it on, I touch the pin on the back and the connected pad on the strap. No lights, I wet the strap point. Still no lights, I replace the battery.

Hope this helps you to figure this out

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Just to add, have you checked the Tickr for firmware updates? Might help. That said, when I’ve had similar problems in the past it was due to the strap becoming worn/failing. Contact Wahoo and they’ll go through it with you, and may even send you a replacement strap if that appears to be the cause.

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Sometimes the snap/pop fasteners that hold my Tickr onto its strap get dirty and corroded and cause a bad connection. I know its time to check them and give them a clean with a cotton bud and snap them apart and back together again a few times when I notice drop-outs and the HR freezing at a constant value.

@jmckenizeKOS been licking my Tickr contacts for over 2 years and my strap is still working fine, no sign of any rubber degradation.


Not constantly I hope? You’d look odd on the train…


Thanks all. Lots of sound advice (especially the licking on public transport - I was just about to start, so that’s a bullet I’ve dodged!).

I think I’ll contact Wahoo - this just seems too unreliable - countless freezes, failed recordings and new batteries in less than 6 months, whereas I used a Polar strap and a Garmin watch for years without a hitch at all.

Thanks again. :+1:


I seriously just had coffee shoot out my nose when I read this. Thank you for the day’s amusement!

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BTW you can reset your Tickr by removing the battery and putting it back in upside down. replace the cover and leave it for…I think they say 3 seconds? I usually leave it about 30 because I can never remember exactly how long it needs.

This might be worth a try - I’ve had misbehaviour on occasion and this has fixed it. I couldnt ell you why such things happen.

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