Heart rate in yoga

Is it possible to pair a heart rate monitor in yoga?


No. But I sometimes record mine separately on my smart watch, just like I would at the gym. Then leave the Suf workout in Sufferfest and the watch recorded version in Strava and Training Peaks


@rbtcr I dual record as well using my smart watch. In Training Peaks you can upload both files.

Auto-Merge In Training Peaks

Strava needs a 3rd party app that will allow you to combine files. I don’t bother as Strava is more social for me and yoga doesn’t really move the needle on fatigue anyway.

Strava Merging Files

Thank you. Didn’t know you could auto merge but was hoping to avoid double recording as my fenix watch isn’t my go to daily watch anymore. The sufferfest to garmin connect push is so good that I was hoping to only need to grab my hrm for what will hopefully become more frequent yoga sessions

And in strength. I think it has been raised and noted by the team


I was really hoping this would be in the new App but sadly not. I hope it comes soon as I really don’t want to have to record the yoga on my watch as well just to get the HR data and calories.


I find it strange it’s not included because surely all your doing is connecting a Bluetooth device to the app just like the cycling so I don’t see what the problem is unless I’m just daft and it’s a lot more effort to get it to work ?

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@Shaned1972 Getting the new Platform SYSTM alone out of the door is a huge effort even when not adding additional features. It connects the whole wahoo ecosystem.
I would assume they tried to get a minimum viable product with SYSTM which had most functionality from Sufferfest and enough new features to be able to market it big time.
Probably the feature set was reduced once they hit mayor road blocks and then further since it is very important to be ready now, ahead of the indoor season.

Since they have achieved this adding additional features such as this can be hoped for.
SYSTM is supposed to be getting something like Chronic training load (CTL) “but better” :wink: Therefore it would make sense to get HR data from the yoga and strength workouts.

So I hope this gets added at the latest when we get the new CTL like feature.


Thomas I always found it strange that when you did yoga and strength training on The Sufferfest it had heart rate on the activity but you couldn’t connect the HR monitor to the workout so why have it showing up on it. Again it’s not a massive thing but something to look forward to down the line.


I would add my vote to adding HR to Yoga and Strength routines. This way I will not need to double-track a workout just to get the info.


I presume this merging thing is not possible in Garmin connect?

@Rober Not familiar with that platform as I have a Suunto watch. I use Training Peaks and dual record with the watch while running the yoga or strength video and wearing a HRM. My workouts are uploaded to TP and I download the one recorded with my watch, delete the record for that workout, open the other workout and then upload the downloaded file which then adds heart rate values which are not captured by SYSTM. It is fairly easy to do and the only real problem I have had occasionally is forgetting to stop my watch after the video ends.

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What I used to do and it worked sometimes and other times didn’t was to record on both then save the Suff picture then delete the Suff workout on Strava upload the workout from my Garmin and add the Suff picture just for the sake of getting a yoga workout with heart rate and a picture, yep I had a lot of free time back then :rofl::rofl:

@Shaned1972 Yeah - that would work too. Unfortunately Strava doesn’t allow uploading multiple files although I think there is a 3rd party service that might help out. I like Training Peaks for organizing my fitness and race events and use Strava for social stuff.

I used to use Training Peaks too but the price always put me off a bit

Thanks, that is very useful!

@Shaned1972 There is a free version. I can’t recall whether it allows for combining workouts. I feel like I get value from it - helps me better plan my calendar, add in dates for races and better track outside rides. However, with the updated calendar in SYSTM and some of the other things that are on the roadmap for Wahoo it may become redundant for me at some point.

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That would be a really useful feature to capture those those #s.
I don’t really like to capture it with a 3rd party app, then download/upload. And most of the times I forget to start even the process… XD

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@Pecekkakas My sense is that they will get there at some point. There was mention of it specific to strength a while ago in the forums so I suspect it is on the roadmap.

For yoga most of the videos don’t generate much HrTSS so you aren’t missing much there although there are a few - especially the ones with the one legged upward dog movement - that can push up heart rate.

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