HRM with the Systm app

Hi all,

I’ to Systm and Sufferfest and I’m taking advantage of the trial. I like the yoga and strength videos and I have paired the app to Garmin connect.

I was wondering if anyone could show me how to pair my HRM so that it will show in GC. I’m using the Android Systm app. I’m not sure what benefit it would give but I’m usually wearing it straight after a bike workout so I might as well record it if I’m already wearing it.

@Rob84 Right now the workout player in SYSTM doesn’t capture HRM for the yoga and strength videos - just the cycling and running videos. As a workaround many people dual record - record the workout in SYSTM and also record on a fitness watch or an app such as Strava.

As an example, I have a Suunto watch and pair the HRM with the watch and then record the workout at the same time that the SYSTM workout is running. I then consolidate the records in Training Peaks. I upload the SYSTM workout (either strength or yoga) and then upload the HR data from my Suunto watch.

Hope that helps!