Heart Rate Variability

Is HRV a useful parameter to use for training purposes?

I"m certainly no expert in HRV. I have found that it is indispensable to me using HRV as the means by which to gauge my recovery from training episodes. For me, and speaking just as a private person w/o any financial consideration coming my way for saying so, I have found the Morpheus M5 as indispensable. While it on occasion will rate me as “Recovered” when I don’t feel that way, or as in the commode, when I do, (the old dilemma of false positives/false negatives), I have come to rely upon it. You can read about it at www.8weeksout.com.

I shoud also mention that the algorithm used by my Garmin 6X that comes from FirstBeat and the data from which informs the Body Battery and Stress level indices on the Garmin Connect daily report, very helpful.

Recovery is the key, so your question is right on. HTH, anthony

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Many thanks for that, Anthony. Very useful. Much appreciated.

You’re welcome, Bill. Glad to help. :slight_smile:


Hi Anthony,
Thanks for the information. I’ve been using Whoop for forcing better recoveries and am glad you pointed this one out. Anybody out there have experience with both and can weigh in? Yes as an old fart it took a season or so to get it through my thick skull that the gains are made OFF the bike! Really enjoying Sufferfest (oxymoron???). Well done program to get you “well done”…


You are as well, most welcome Ald1. In the back of my being I keep hearing, at my age of 82+, the plaintive voice “Less is more, less is more.” Take care, anthony