Heart rate zones

Completed full frontal on Sunday and got LTHR of 170. During the chores the following Thursday my heart rate didn’t get into zone 4. Max 166. The on screen suggests I should be getting into zone 5 bpm by the latter end of intervals. Did FF underestimate my zones

Hi Craig,
HR is a complicated one so I have provided some additional reading below for you to check-out. A difference of 4bpm is minor though so I would say your HR zones are accurate. If you want to check what these are you can by going into the app --> settings --> workout settings

Here are our key things to consider:

  1. Your heart rate, like your fingerprint, is unique to you. To use it properly as a training tool you need to do individual testing.
  2. Heart rate is reactive. It’s a response to what you’ve done, not what you’re doing. There will always be a delay between changes in effort and changes in heart rate.
  3. Heart rate is most effective during longer, steady efforts. For short, high-intensity efforts, use RPE and a power meter if you have one.
  4. Heart rate training zones are unique to the test used to establish them. You can’t take the zones from one test and use them with an app or training tool that uses a different test.
  5. Heart rate can vary according to many factors, including sleep, hydration, temperature, caffeine intake, and stress. Recognizing why your heart rate is higher or lower than normal will help you decide if you can press on, or if you should back off and rest up.
  6. Listen to your heart . You might be surprised at how much it can tell you.

I also find the correlation between my HR and Power zones changes through the workout as HR drift occurs. For first 45 mins (basically most of Chores) my heart rate will be below the suggested zone while power is on it. Around the hour they start to meet and on some of the long sessions my HR tips over - but this could be dehydration - I’m quite new to indoor cycling and can see a lot more sweat on the deck than with an equivalent length/power/HR indoor rowing workout so may need to learn to drink much more on long sessions.

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