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I am switching from road back to Sufferlandria. Did Revolver yesterday and today The Chores . First 30 minutes of Chores was easy enough or just right but heart rate was below the target zones. Last 6 minutes supposedly at just below threshold I was at 105% of zone 4 where I was supposed to be definitely in zone 5. Hard but doable. Should I have lowered the target watts to get into the proper zone?

Welcome! I don’t think you need to make any changes. If you are training with power then just ignore HR. I look at it from time to time but my primary focus is power.


Yep, power over heart rate. Don’t overly worry about heart rate matching up, so many things affect heart rate, which is why we train to power.

Welcome! Great to have you back! Just a couple of thoughts for you.

1.You are in a new training environment so your heart rate response will be a bit different than on the road. Most athletes run a higher heart rate with inside training vs. outside training.
2.If you are getting a heart rate response to the efforts with appropriate rise and fall, you should be good to go. Your hear rate may not reach the zone stipulated due to the length of the effort. This is where power is real time data and heart rate lags anywhere from 30- 60 seconds.
3. There can be a couple of reasons why we see a low or non responsive heart rate: overtraining, lack of recovery or lack of proper fueling.
4. Proper air flow and keeping down the core temperature can help with heart rate response during indoor training.
5. If you were to lower your power targets you would also be lowering your heart rate simultaneously according to what you described, therefore, adding no benefit.

I would suggest that you give it some time, I would keep the targets as they are and be sure that you are not in need of recovery or more fueling. Check your indoor training space and be sure that it has adequate air flow and ventilation.

Check out this article-

Hope this helps a bit and happy training!

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