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Can someone please tell this old fool where on earth I can select the “focussed option” for the Tour? I can find my dashboard, challenges, the dropdown menu from the Tour of Sufferlandria, but where on this can I select the focussed option? Help please!

You can apply a plan for the Tour of Sufferlandria if you like. One of the options available for that plan is “focused”. Beyond that the way you approach the Tour is entirely up to you, you don’t need to select any option or tell anyone what approach you’re taking for it to count.

Hi… you’ll find it in the app. Navigate to the training plan tab and select from the ToS stages on the left, you should then see a drop down menu as seen in this pic…


thank you. I was looking for it on the registration page.

I had been looking for it on the registration page. There were no instructions to go to the app after registering to select the tour as a training plan.



Thanks for the information above - very helpful and I’ve done this now. Can I check how you start a stage during the tour? Do you go to the calendar and select the workout there or do you just search for it in the list of videos?


Oh thank you i had missed that one too.

I have a question about the sessions intensity for the focused option.
For the days 4, 6 and 7, it looks like the intensity of the second session to be done in a row is at 100% for the 4 dimensions.
Is my guess correct? (the goat for day 4, the cure (!!) and attacker for days 6 and 7)


If you have the Tour as a training plan in your calendar, it’ll be best to take each workout from the calendar.

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Of course, lol! Such an ass i am :))

This is going to be my first tour. So I not entirely sure what I have to do to officially participate and would appreciate your help.
I registered as an individual rider and donated.
But how is this linked to my Sufferfest account and my rides? :thinking: Is it based on the email address, or do I have to start a team? Or anything else?

Hi Andreas. As long as you’ve registered with DPF then you’re officially in for the Tour and the prize draw. The app will keep track of your workouts and if you do all the stages within their time slots then you’ll also get a ToS’21 badge. Totally optional but if you do want to keep track of your own progress then go here, sign in and “join” the challenge The Sufferfest

Almost everything you need to know is also covered here 2021 Tour of Sufferlandria – The Sufferfest

Enjoy your first Tour. You never forget your first time :slight_smile:

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Dear Sir JamesT,
Thanks for the quick reply. It fully covered my concerns. I just don’t wanted to do the first day twice just because I missed anything. That would have been so out of my scope that I would probably have lost my motivation and definitly my capabilites to finish.

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