Preparing for the Wahooligan Tour

Hey Everyone,

So the Route has been announced and I hope everyone is excited for this year’s fun!
Stage 1: The Sufferfest - Cash Register + Revolver

Stage 2: The Sufferfest - Attacker

Stage 3: A Week With Neal Henderson - Rabbit Mountain

Stage 4: On Location Portugal - Nazare to Foz do Arelho

Stage 5: ProRide - Tour de Suisse Women 2 (coming soon!)

Stage 6: A Week With UCI World Cycling Center - Road

Stage 7: To Get To The Other Side workout on RGT Stelvio - *

*We would love you to come and experience RGT with us and close out the Tour in some group rides. However if you would like to complete the Tour just on SYSTM, you can Ride the To Get To The Other Side workout there and still get your Wahooligant Tour 2023 Badge.

Form more information on everything happening this year, we have put together this article:

We will be updating this in the next few days with things like:

  • Race Bibs
  • poster sales
  • and more…

hahahaha…fool me once…


(and no, it was NOT Einstein who said it.)


First hot take. About what I expected from the ********* Tour’s “expanded universe”.

:star::star::star::star: 1:21, 122 combined TSS, classic stages, and Cash Register in honor of @DPhin. Worthy of a Sufferlandrian Tour.

:star::star::star: A worthy ride, and also honors DPF, but by itself? We literally closed out the 2021 ToS with Defender and Attacker back-to-back.

:star::star:(ish) A hard effort, and no question the toughest ride in the @Coach.Neal.H library, but more than 1/3 of the stages are going to be ride-alongs? No offense, and I get what you’re trying to do here, Wahoo, but these types of videos (to me) are good for a couple of times, then I tend to find something else to do to pass the time. Not what I’d want to see for Tour stages.

:star:(ish) Man, you guys are going to make me razz on Sir @michael.cotty! :face_with_diagonal_mouth: I mean, it’s fine. It’s not hard (58min/46TSS) - the third “easiest” On Location ride by TSS. I literally just did this yesterday as a recovery ride and found it less engaging than any number of other On Location vids. (Sorry Mike, we love you!)

:star::star::star::star: (presumptive). Yeah, no worries here. Adding the first ProRide to the ToS a couple years ago (Norway) was as cool as it was gruesome. The Tour de Suisse 1 is one of the most horrible ProRides, so I’m sure the ladies won’t disappoint. So OK. Bonus star for shiny new toy.

:star: Hard, hard ride, no question. Yet another ride-along. And we literally JUST DID THIS ONE for the UCI challenge in December? Think I will queue up Band of Brothers, in honor of DPF and Team 7-Eleven, to watch while I do this one. Will even wear my 7-eleven kit. Everyone is welcome to join me.

Unknown potential. Stelvio group ride would be awesome. Stelvio group ride on RGT could be…great? hot mess? :thinking:

Anyway, just my gut reaction. Take it for what you will. Rides will be ridden, adult recovery beverages will be consumed. Long live Sufferlandria.


What if we keep repeating it, tho?

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That’s a pretty good assessment. I will likely be riding extra to make up for the lack of volume and SUF rides.

I’ll even ride every workout in a knight’s helmet in exchange for donations. :crossed_swords: :money_with_wings:

Maybe all knights can ride Stage 5 in lederhosen…


Then you’re crazy…



Again, I get it - apparently they want to make it “accessible to everyone”, meaning averaged out so anyone can complete at full gas. I would argue not exactly in the spirit of the Tour, but obv. that ship has sailed. I will miss going nuclear.

Oooh, leather pants? :grimacing:

I will have my cow bell and Bavarian hat, at a minimum.

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I was actually thinking about riding one of the stages in Lederhos’n for an extra donation. not necessarily the Suisse one cos they’re not a Swiss tradition


You can still do it. As said in the other thread you can always dial it down the intensity, what wasn’t touched upon was that you can also dial it UP if you feel you’re not being punished enough! I’d recommend a good starting point of around 200% but nothing less than 150% :smiling_imp:.


That’s a hard week. There will not be many that are able to complete it all at 100%.
Coming into stage 5 with 4 days riding done and sore legs that massive sweetspot block is going to have people reaching for the down arrow.


Certainly won’t be “easy”, @AndyP. For the record, though, quick napkin math: last year’s ToS on nuclear was combined 777 TSS. And the 2021 ToS (which I thought was peak suffering) was 800.

The Tour de whatchamacallit is currently 427, plus the new ProRide and the RGT thing.

Unless those two turn out to be absolutely inhuman(e) when released, this year is a SIGNIFICANT drop off from peak ToS level suffering.

So not easy, but not hard? Relatively anyways.


If Stage 5 doesn’t kill me, Stage 6 will. Stage 6 killed me when I was fresh so…


Previously, I only managed to complete ToS on nuclear by using the 50 hour window and stretching it out to 9 days (and I only did that once).

This Tour actually seems quite doable in 7 days. That easy Stage 4 day should help a lot with regeneration.

So while maybe “easy” is not a good description (simply because some of the workouts in it can’t be called easy even if you do them fully rested), I wouldn’t call it overly challenging either.

In other words, completing this Tour on 100% likely won’t give me the sense of accomplishment that I got from that one nuclear ToS I managed, or the Knighthood…


Nah, you’ll be fine for Stage 5, there’s a recovery day preceding it.

Stage 6 looks like the only tricky one (assuming 5 will be as hard as we expect it to be). And, of course, Stage 1, as Revolver can be tricky on its own, without another workout preceding it.

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Full disclosure, I’ve only done 4/16 Pro Rides for a reason :wink:



I’ve been humbled a few times there.


Can confirm group riding Stelvio is awesome. Have done it as a group ride with mates over lockdown twice and it was EPIC fun!!! We played with weight penalties and had a race, it was brilliant. Will be a bit diff as a workout but I REALLY recommend organising an event for RGT and getting all your Couchlandrian and cycling mates using other software to ride with you.

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Am considering (CONSIDERING, Sir @Glen.Coutts!) tacking Kitchen Sink on to the end as a “Stage 8”, on the 19th, in order to (finally) get my “All of Sufferfest” badge…