Tour of the Sufferfests on indieVelo

If anyone is interested, I have made the power profiles of the True Sufferfest Videos from the Sufferlandrian Route available on indieVelo.

Each workout is available at the top of every hour during the open window of that stage, and will synch to the videos from the SYSTM App by putting the app on your phone on your stem and hitting start just as the Pen opens on indieVelo.

The intention is to make it available to ride “alongside” other Sufferlandrians during the Tour.

A few of us have tried this, and it was rather enterPAINing.

So, if you’re an indieVelo user, and want to ride along, I am planning to ride in Pen 30 each day (you can see when that is in your time zone by inspection of the Event Calendar under Group Workouts). Or, set up to ride with one or more of your local group in a different Pen.

This is very much a work in progress, and may never evolve to anything, but that depends on Wahoo’s future solvency.

Anyway, Suffer Well on ToS 2024, everyone!


One Route. One Cause! :boom:


I am really looking forward trying this out! Thanks for putting it together!

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This looks great, Sir @JoeMartin ! Thank you for putting it together.

I will try to join you in Pen 30 on at least one of the stages.

I hope you didn’t have to manually create each of the 50 workouts for each stage in iV; that would be the wrong kind of suffering.

Do you plan to use iV to control the workout, or SYSTM?


I will be controlling with indieVelo, and just having SYSTM play the video on the stem for inspiration. If I let the video run all the way through, I believe I’ll get credit for the ride in SYSTM, but that doesn’t matter to me, actually. I just want to see how it all works out this year. Both Gerry and I will be riding on Stage 2, and using a Discord channel to chat.


Ive set up a Discord for the Tour. Everyone is welcome to use it: