HELP Wahoo Kickr Core getting too heavy

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I have a Wahoo Kickr Core that is getting too heavy after I start pedalling. As soon as I start pedalling the kickr resistance gets too heavy. I don’t have the kickr connected with anything. I just put my bike in the kickr, and use my bike’s powermeter as data point.

I used the kickr 2 weeks ago and it was fine. Just put my bike in it, didn’t open any app, just rode and it was ok. But now every time I start pedalling the resistance changes. I have already performed a spin down, already turned off all devices that it could be possibly be connecting to, but still same thing happens.

Would you guys know why is this happening? Could it be a problem with fitting the bike in the trainer?

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All smart trainers need some application to control their resistance - be it erg mode, level mode, simulation mode or whatever you name it. What do you expect from smart trainer being not controlled by anything? I would expect random behavior like in your case (in other words - uncontrolled behavior).

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I don’t think that is the problem, I have tested pairing with Zwift too (used for a free ride and also selecting a workout to follow) and same thing happens. First 5 seconds are ok then starts to get really heavy…

5seconds sounds about how long it can take for resistance to spin up to target. I suspect Zwift, and every other time you’re riding, the trainer is getting a resitance control from somewhere, e.g. do you have the Wahoo Companion App open on your phone? I’d suggest hard closing all apps on your phone, headunit and any other device you have used with the trainer in the past. Restart the trainer and reconnect it.

Don’t ride it without a control input, I don’t think it designed for that. If you just want to ride and record power off your powermeter, you either need to put it into a controlled level mode or get a dumb trainer.


Yes, that was my initial thought too, that the Kickr was getting resistance from somewhere, however I turned my phone bluetooth off, turned my bike computer and my watch off, so there isn’t any place that it could’ve been controlled from.

I just tested pairing with Zwift, selecting a workout there and put in ERG mode to see if it would work, and it still doesn’t. I used the Kickr as power source and controllable in Zwift, but it still gets too hard after a bit of pedalling (so basically it is not following the erg mode in Zwift)…

How odd. Not sure what else to suggest. Definitely sounds like something is grabbing the signal tho.


I agree. shut off all devices that can control your KICKR. Shut off your KICKR and wait 10 minutes. Power the KICKR on and see if the connect light is off. If it is ON something else is trying to take control of it. This must be identified and removed. If it remains off, turn on the device you want to control it with and see if it connects and you have control of it.


Thanks! I have just tried that but still no luck. Even if I start pedalling when the blue light is blinking (meaning that it hasn’t connected with anything yet), the Kickr gets really heavy. I will upload a video to show exactly what’s happening.

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hmm, I don’t know how to add a video here, isn’t it allowed?
What I am suspecting is that there is something wrong with the trainer itself, not sure if something is rubbing on the flywheel and creating resistance… It is making a weird noise.

Upload your video to dropbox. Also, you can send a support ticket directly to Wahoo and include photos and videos and video links. Wahoo support is very responsive. They replaced my Kickr Core under warranty for making noises.

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I’ve had this happen with my CORE as well when I first start pedaling though it happens VERY RARELY.

When it does happen, I will only have one app connected to it and running, but without a WO/ride loaded so nothing should be sending it power info.

When this does occur, I immediately stop pedaling and back pedal for a few seconds, which releases the flywheel brake/resisrance. Once I do this, the issue has never come back over the course of the current session.

Maybe try that and see if it makes a difference (if you haven’t already).


I have the same problems.
I just came back to use KICKR for training.
But I felt the paddling becoming very heavy in ERG mode which is totally different from the past, 70 watt in warming up like 200-300 watt maybe more. When I disabled ERG mode, the resistance is not stable.
I have tried many times, including switch off, spin down test. I thought maybe Zwift’s problem. I installed wahoo work out app, the situation is the same.

I get this issue too. I’ve had the KICKR for like 7 years, not used it in maybe a year, but brought it out and when I start pedaling within about 5 seconds it gets EXTREMELY heavy to where I can’t pedal at all. It renders it unusable. Did anyone have success in resolving this issue? I’d be curious as it seems like a lot of people are conflating this with just general heavy resistance, which this is not - this happens right away and is extreme to the point where you can’t use it.

@clt02002 I haven’t experienced that except during a workout where there were power changes and my cadence drops before I am able to adjust.

I would suggest that you contact Wahoo Support to get some help.

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