Wahoo Kickr resistance don't go over 50%

Hi, everyone.

I just bought a second hand Kickr to replace my old Elite Drivo that failed on me with a broken shaft last week.

I installed my road bike on it and started a session with the Trainer Road app, on the small gear on the front and three cogs down from the largest cog of the cassete(so a pretty light gear), and ERG mode. Same way I used to do my sessions at the Elite Drivo with no problems.

After a warmup at around 150W, the app ramped it up to 250W, but them, after a few minutes, the trainer resistance dropped to zero. After a few minutes trying to reset the trainer and the app I still couldn’t have any resistance while the app was still trying to get it to 250W with no response from the trainer.

Them I tried the harder gear my bike have, and it worked, and I could finish my session this way, hitting my power marks. But dropping the cadence to pedal out of the saddle was still a problem, as the trainer could not raise the resistance enough and it dropped again to almost zero, untill I rev the pedals up again.

I also tried slope mode at the Trainer Road app, and it worked fine untill I got to 50% resistance, after that the trainer dropped again to zero resistance untill I got back to a lower setting.

Anyone here ever had similar issues with a Kickr?

Thanks a lot. Daniel

First, welcome to the forums. Second, depending on the version of Kickr you have, you might need to calibrate it with the Wahoo Fitness App.

I’ve had odd issues like that. Problem was I would have an app open somewhere that had “grabbed” the Kickr. Finally discovered this by rebooting everything. iPhone, Apple TV and the Kickr itself


Thanks guys.

The calibration didn’t work. I returned the Kickr to the previous owner, got my money back and bought a brand nem one on the box. Now it’s working perfectly…:slight_smile:

I noticed tath on the new one the calibration spindown reach 36 km/h speed easily. The defective one had some problem on the speed sensor, because to reach 36 Km/h I had to use the last gear of the bike a spin the pedals at a huge cadence.

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If it’s a brand new Kickr as in version 6, you don’t even have to calibrate it. Actually after the Kickr ‘18 none of them require calibration.

Here is a screenshot of the link I posted earlier