High heart rate despite training

Dear reader,

I am following the program Mountainous/Hilly Gran Fondo for a while. I am not sure if I am becoming stronger. Especially when I am riding outside I struggle hard to keep my friend’s wheels. Also with climbing and sprints my heartbeats rises too quickly to high. My heart is always working harder than the others. I train smarter and more often than my friends for eighteen months at least. Smarter because they don’t use Sufferfest :wink: and harder because I spend more hours on the bike. Despite of that I can’t beat their ass*es. What is going wrong?

Whether or not you get stronger, should show from your results/tests.

You may think you’re training smarter, but maybe they race multiple times a week on Zwift, or Rouvy :sunglasses:

Your HR is individual and you cannot compare that to someone else’s - if you feel fine with it, don’t worry, if not and you are worried, go see a doctor.

Other than that: are your friends your age? Do they have a the same (long) background in cycling?

If all that is equal and you have no reason to fall behind: rule #5.

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