How important is heart rate?

I did my last half monty and it gave me a really high lthr.

Since then I’ve not really hit the hr targets in my rides. Take today’s

It was an easy ride (The Holy Week) and I hit my cadence and power, but was way under on hr. Any advice?

Should I increase cadence or something else? Thanks

Heart rate is very important, you won’t get far if it’s zero. There’s other more useful info here

With regard to The Holy Week I also found the heart rate zones way too high. Think I was in a steady state high Z2 when it was asking for Z4. It may well just not have been programmed correctly. I wouldn’t go adjusting anything unless you feel that the power target is consistently out of whack with your RPE.

I actually don’t set my LTHR in the app (and delete it after a test), that way I see what my heart is doing but don’t see a frequently incorrect bpm target. Just a quick tip/hack.


Wouldn’t get too concerned about it, you’ll learn more about how your body responds to various training loads and intensities as you develop.

In general, if you’re completing harder sessions with HR staying low-ish and feeling good I would suggest it’s prime time to re-test.

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I can only agree that having a heart rate is a good idea.

Your experience of the Holy Week is the same as mine. Thanks for the advice

Thanks. I may well retest soon. The overall programme only just feels manageable currently, so I will see how it goes.

If you happen to be riding a workout on reduced intensity it still shows the hr zone as though it were 100%.


That’s a great point. A ton of the training plan workouts are at reduced intensity.