How are Wattbikes working with Sufferfest these days?

Last few posts seem a few months old - I’m probably going to order one in the very near future, sad about the 3 month wait but wondering how they are working with the app these days?

Are the sprints still not quite right?

I have a watt bike atom and find it great I do have great ready for a sprint a few seconds earlier mainly for 10 sec sprints but I find it great to train on well worth the money

Overall I completely agree - for me (time poor, looking for jump on the bike, run from sufferfest prog and do what I’m told) it’s great. I did violator today in level mode and frankly it was a shambles - I missed multiple 5 sec sprints due to gear change not reacting quickly enough and also had that happen on 4DP once which was pretty soul destroying. Mine is 1st gen - maybe they fixed that in 2nd gen. I still think was good investment though - seems bullet proof and in ERG mode (have seen some crticism on here but suspect I’m just not good enough to notice the issues) works for me

hoping the quirks are worth dealing with, compared to manually adjusting the spin bike I currently have.

I ended up spending my Wattbike fund on a new motorbike anyway, so a couple extra months to think about it while I replenish the hobby coffers.

Maybe more bugs will be ironed out by the autumn and we start to head back indoors!

I got a first gen WattBike in 2018 and then a couple of months ago I sold it and upgraded to the Next Gen model with electro magnetic resistance. It’s way way better and the flaws have def been ironed out. I honestly think that on any set up it will be tricky to hit desired targets in the space of a 5 sec interval. Such a small window. I love my WB and it does what I want it to do.