Wahoo POWRLINK zero under-reading

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I’ve finally taken the plunge in getting the POWRLINK ZERO dual sided pedals. Seem to pair fine and followed calibration instructions (I think!), but they’re definitely (and consistently under-reading). I’ve directly compared them when on my wattbike atom. The R/L balance is very close, but the power numbers are consistently 5-10% down on the wattbike.

I’ve recalibrated them and done more standing sprints etc, but not sure what else I can be doing to get the numbers closer.

Any tips / advice would be extremely welcome!!


I haven’t got experience with the atom. I do have experience with the original wattbike and I personally found the power read out on the wattbike was higher than the garmin vectors I had at the time by approx 20/30 watts.

The wahoo power readings on the kickr were around 5-10 watts higher than the read outs on the vector.

I have started using the power link today for the first time but I’m expecting the readouts will align to the kickr but if anything above is to go by and the atom is producing the same read outs as the OG wattbike I expect your take is aligned to mine and the atom is over reading

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Thank you. Looks like I’ll need to find someone with a different bike with a separate PM to compare directly on the proper bike!

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I’ve been down this road. It can get expensive in a hurry. Indoors, I use my trainer’s power which allows me to take advantage of ERG. Outdoors I use my vectors. As far as differing goes, it’s not a big deal to me. I’m only outdoors from March through October, then Suffernate during the winter. So I just retest to set my 4DP using the PM I’ll be using for that season.

Here’s my post where I discuss my rabbit trail
Power meter inaccuracies

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