How to get help with systm app?

Hello, anybody else that have had a hard time getting help from customer service? I haven’t been able to do any workouts for the past week.
The systm app do not seem to register that I have an ongoing subscription so when I click on a workout the yellow button that asks you to ‘subscribe now’ shows. When I go through the motions and click subscribe now and try to pay for the monthly plan google play says that I already have a subscription for wahoo monthly plan but still I cant enter any workouts.

Has anyone had this issue? I’ve tried to get help from customer service but honestly I dont feel like the care

They sure do care. The Minions are one of the best customer support there is.
How did you reach support?
Have you written email to: ?

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No, I submitted a request through the help center in THE systm app, My assumption was that you get help through the official help center submission option, ill try the mail you providee

Just a dumb question (akin to when the computer support person asks “is it plugged in?): have you made sure that you are signed into SYSTM?

yeah im signed in, last week saturday it worked fine, i payed for systm until 4th of January and did a workout, next morning(sunday) this issue arrived and I haven’t been able to sort it out, but ill try mail theminions" and see if they can help me.

I’ve had this when my machine (Win10) has had no interenet connection at the time I’ve clicked to start the workout. I believe that I saw something in a recent release note about this being fixed, but I don’t know what os thast was for now do I know if I am totally making that up.

Definitely ask the minions.

Edit: I tried to translate that awful penultimate paragraph into English, but I’ve no idea what it was meant to say…