OK I'm convinced. Systm is a POS!

Again, the program won’t load properly. First when I loaded it I got a message that I needed to activate my 0 day trial. I have a paid subscription until August, not that it’s worth anything. After shutting it down and reloading three times with the same message I restarted my computer. Now it loads and no error. But the workout will not start, nor will it download.

And no, it is not my internet. It was a no vid so I always load youtube and watch a movie on a monitor connected to the same laptop. That loaded fine.


Or you just might want to get a real computer. I’ve NEVER trusted running a program at the level of SYSTM on what basically is a tablet. I’ve had very FEW issues with SYSTM on my MacBook Pro and I’ve heard of very few issues with using a cheap Windows computer. Also, I don’t trust Apple on their mobile devices to get it right unless it is Apple software.


@jmckenzieKOS why would you assume my laptop is not a real computer? It is a Lenovo i7 Windows 10 computer with 8 GB RAM and a 500 GB HD. There is no reason this should not run properly on this machine. I would never try to run it on a tablet, yet many do.

I appreciate your coming to the defense of the software, but it is simply flawed. Many people have had issues since the launch and are often told to uninstall and reinstall the program. With all due respect, if that is what it takes to get this to work, it is BAD software.


@jmckenzieKOS I will second the MBP, though TBF, my go-to is usually my iPad Pro, and I rarely have problems there, either. None of which will make @Critmark feel better.

Obvious - maybe dumb - question, but have you tried to address this directly to the Minions, in addition to venting here in the forum?


Agreed. I run SYSTM on a Dell XPS 9370, W10. SYSTM has run well for me on this platform, with no issues like you’ve described. As @CPT_A says, my saying ‘it works for me’ doesn’t make it any less frustrating when you’re having problems on your machine.

Is there anything else installed on your computer that could be causing problems - firewalls, anti-virus, VPNs, etc?

@CPT_A yes i reach out to them regularly. As I said, if the software requires that I uninstall and reinstall, often the ‘solution’ offered, then there is a problem with the software. Is there any other software you run that you have to do this to on a regular basis? I don’t have any.

@way9e0 Because this is dedicated to my cycling, there is almost no other software on it. Actually I do run a VPN. Just as I do on every computer in the house, and have since I signed up in August. And if any software demands that I compromise my online security to run their software, the decision is easy. I will dump the software.

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I often run SYSTM and Zwift simultaneously, and sometimes I will watch something else entirely as well. Today I did Vise Grips while connected to Zwift and watching the CX World Championships. It all works fine for me.

Sorry to hear it’s not working for you.

Sorry you are having trouble. For a while the only devices that connect all devices without a problem was my cell phone. My computer would only connect to two devices. I hated using my cell phone so I was able to connect to my 5 year old Droid tablet. Unfortunately they aren’t compatible but would work often enough. I ended up buying a Bluetooth adapter 5.0 for my PC and I am able to connect although occasionally, I need to turn Bluetooth on and off to try to get everything to sync. However I never had an issue with the software. Best of luck!

Anybody care to check and see if they can either download or run the workout that I can’t? I have tried on two computers.

Split Brick Endurance 60/40

Good luck.

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Checked and can’t play that workout either


I can confirm that Split Brick Endurance 60/40 cannot be downloaded or started as a workout. It looks like Split Brick Endurance 120/75 and Split Brick Race Pace 120/90 have the same problem. The other Split Brick sessions look like they will be OK - they have profiles and IF values. I’ll raise a bug report for those workouts. The other Split Brick sessions look to be working OK.


Fair enough. I am just trying to think through things that may be different on your system that could be causing problems. I wouldn’t think a VPN would create any issues with actually running the app, nor should it cause issues with downloading or streaming, other than potentially constraining bandwidth a bit.

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Same here - cannot download or play Split Brick Endurance 60/40
(Win10 Laptop)

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I appreciate the frustration, but I just wanted to address this question.

Yes. The answer is yes.
I’ve worked in IT for over 20 years in a variety of industries, including software development and it’s simply not an easy thing. The range of hardware, software, OS and patch-level variation makes things difficult for lots of software.
It’s far, far from uncommon to encounter situations where software works perfectly for hundreds of people and not for one or two who seem to be in identical situations.

I currently work as a contract IT Manager for a portfolio of companies.
There is a piece of software on iPhone at the moment that is in use by almost every single employee at every company I work with, which covers thousands of staff.
There is a problem with that piece of software that has so far affected 2 people with no rhyme nor reason as to why. Their configurations are identical to everyone else, but it doesn’t work for them and every time we think we’ve found a fix it works for a while, then fails again, for them, but is still working for everyone else…

As it stands, though, it looks like this particular issue is the workouts in question. Hopefully the minions can resolve that.


@Jon Since you work in the field, I appreciate the feedback. Are you saying that you frequently ask the users of your software to uninstall and reinstall a program? I bring it up again because that has not been my experience as a user. In the past 20 years I can think of exactly one other time I was asked to do that.

Maybe the better question for you as someone in the IT field is this. What is an acceptable failure rate for a subscription service such as this? I see complaints here on this forum frequently for a variety of failures. When does the number of issues move from isolated issues to a systemic issue?

Finally, please don’t misunderstand my position here. I like the software, when it works. It just seems to me that given what I have experienced and what I read here from others having both similar and unrelated issues to mine, that this may be more than isolated issues. In this case for example, it is a systemic issue, unrelated to me as a user.

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As this, and some others in this series, have no profile associated with them, I can understand that it can’t be downloaded or played.

I would consider this an oversight of the dev/science team rather than an absolute failing of the software (although a useful error message might be nice). Hopefully the team can rectify the lack of profile ASAP.

Sadly, I cannot advise with your other issues as I seem to be in the lucky group of people who have had no issues with SYSTM at all. I hope for your sake that you are able to resolve it one way or another.

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We never ask users to uninstall and reinstall a program, because they typically won’t have the permissions to do so.
Do we regularly uninstall and reinstall a program? Yes, absolutely, very regularly across a range of software types from a huge variety of suppliers on a range of platforms. It is a fairly common solution.

What is an acceptable failure rate? Ideally low… I mean, most service suppliers aim for a 99% uptime.
Part of the problem here, though, is that people with problems are “noisy”, you hear from them. If you are one of the people with problems it is also eminently visible to you.
The big question is, what is the failure rate for SYSTM?
We see people posting about having problems, but actually those numbers probably run into small double figures… How many total subscribers are there?
Without knowing either the actual rate of failure or the total number of subscribers, then we have no capacity to actually judge the scale of the issue.

I would point out that we really don’t have the information to judge the total scale of the problem.
There is a problem and they do attempt to work on it. Actually, I’ve spent evenings and weekends in the past doing focused streaming tests with them so we could work on the stability, so I have a fairly good view of how they approach trying to resolve the issues, that they take them seriously, work in hours most people don’t and have been trying to do so.

I would also say that I have definitely seen bigger problems from far bigger companies.
I mean, you should just try working with Apple at some point if you want to see belligerent behaviours towards failures of product…


+1. And with sandboxing architecture it is a common troubleshooting procedure for mobile app developers as well.


If it doesn’t work properly on tables or smartphones, Wahoo should be up front about it, not offer the apps and get the subscriptions from users with those devices.

Similar software such as Zwift, RGT and Fullgaz work pretty well on iOS and Android devices. So do streaming services.

Wahoo needs to get their act together. They are not a charity, they are a company, owned by private equity, and they are in it to make as much profit as they can.

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But it does work on tablets and smartphones…
I’ve got it running on an iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy…

Again, we really do have to take a step back and realise that we are talking about some people with problems, not everyone.

Comparing SYSTM to Zwift, RGT and Fulgaz isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison either because of what happens where in the service (unless you are one of the relatively few having problems even with downloaded videos).
Comparing SYSTM to streaming services is, from an IT and software point of view, redundant.
The comparison approach doesn’t help matters at all because it’s not different to saying “I bought a coffee machine and it doesn’t do what I want quite the way I want it, this needs to be fixed because I can buy a coffee from Starbucks and that is fine”.

Again, people with problems are “noisy”, they are visible, typically far more-so than people without problems.
One of the first issues in customer service, alongside keeping them happy, is determining just how big the actual problem is. Just because someone is shouting doesn’t mean there is a systemic problem.