How to get power zones from 4dp profile?

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I just completed Full Frontal, and I’m new to all of this. Is there a way to get power zones from the 4DP profile somewhere?


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What are you looking to do with those zones? I think there are plenty of apps and calculators, we can recommend some depending on your planned application

RPE, Power, and HR Zones:


Thanks, this does it!

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Thanks for the reply. I’m just looking for power zones to use for outdoor workouts. Looks like they’re based on FTP, so I’ll just take that from Full Frontal and set the zones.



That’s a good chart - would it be good if the Sufferfest app used those HR zones rather than the basic 5?

I would also like to know how to get the boundaries for power zones from the 4DP results. I could set the zones on my ELEMNT BOLT using FTP, but that would negate the benefits of the 4DP—for example, it would set my anaerobic zone miles too low. It would be great to have this information on power zones included in the SUF app!

Sorry for dredging this topic up again, but I stumbled across it again while searching for how to get power zones from your 4DP power profile.

Although the heart rate zones based on LTHR are shown on the Sufferfest website, custom 4DP power zones are nowhere to be seen. Where can I find them? When I use %FTP to set my zones on my ELEMNT BOLT, my MAP and AC zones are too low!

The same problem here. Except 7 power zones.
Would it be ok to set zone 5 (VO2Max) to 110% - 4DP MAC; zone 6 (AC) to 4DP MAC - 4DP AC and zone 7 (Sprint/NP) to > 4DP AC?
That would be in my case:
Zone 5 110% - 136% FTP
Zone 6 136% - 178% FTP
Zone 7 > 178% FTP

Just wondering if anyone has found an answer to this? I’ve just signed up to SYSTM, done a half-monty but can’t seem to use that data to set zones on the Elemnt Bolt. That’s crazy and makes 4DP rather pointless outside of SYSTM!

If you go in to your profile in the ELMNT companion app, you can select the number of zones, if you tap on the the values in the grey boxes you can edit them.

I was thinking more in terms of working out the zone % rather than the actual number entry. Cheers though!

In the app home page tap the rider type icon. The athlete profile. You have all the power numbers listed.

You need to do a full frontal to get the full breakdown. Half Monty is an approximate and for me it over estimates my numbers.

You get raw actual power numbers but if you want percentage, you need to do the math fractions. Divide it by FTP then multiply by 100.

Hope this helps

That page shows you your FTP, MAP, AC and NM power estimates, but not the 5- or 7-band power zones (ranges) that many people would want to enter into their bike computer. You could calculate them as a percentage of FTP, but that negates the value of 4DP metrics.

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