SYSTM profile to BOLT - questions?

Is there a way to sync my SYSTM 4DP results to my BOLT profile values?

If not, I guess I have to enter my heart zone data into the ELEMNT app manually, right?

And, what should I put in as my resting and max heart rate values, I don’t see that info in SYSTM?

And, what values should I enter in my Cycling Power Zones in the ELEMNT app as the SYSTM 4DP terminology is different? does SYSTM 4DP NM = min Anaerobic Capacity, AC = min Aerobic Capacity, MAP = min Lactate Threshold, FTP = min Tempo?

Hey @gwydion you are right in that the 4DP measures do t sync with the Bolt. For your heart rate you can match the zones with the cthr values from the test. Tour resting HR is something you should measure first thing in the AM. Max heart rate is above your cthr but isnt that critical as your not auto calculating.

The Bolt power zones are based off FTP only. Select the FTP from the 4DP test and select how many zones you want and it will.autocalculate. it is all relative.

4DP values are mostly critical with training plans in the SYSTM app where the workoutd are defined to use those 4 varying measures of effort.

There may be someone with more insight but this is what ive found.


Thanks, that helps a lot already.