How to honour the shredded chamois?

So I have some shredded chamois. It’s very shredded. It’s definitely time to move on, but I’ve been resisting because it has sentimental attachment. To put it in context, I was hit by a truck cycling 3 years ago wearing it, wearing them training on the trainer when I couldn’t ride a real bike for two years felt like giving the driver the bird. Doesn’t make sense but that’s how it was for me.

I have been suffering with these on the path to recovery 3-5x per week since then.

So there’s no question that these are now ready to throw in the windows of Couchlandrian dens of donutness.

So… What is the appropriate ritual to farewell some much loved shredded chamois?

As long as it doesn’t involve me blending it and eating it I’ll pretty much consider anything :crazy_face:


@pb07 What about getting a shadow box frame and hang them on your wall in your pain cave? They clearly are a connection point for you and it seems like you should keep them in your sight as you climb your Mt. SUF…


Just chuck them in the bin!


Umm, eww.

I’m not particularly sentimental, but in the spirit of the thing, I’d go with a viking funeral pyre, myself.




That Viking pyre sounds like a fun idea, we’re over due for a fire pit too… (Been raining too much). Not sure you’d want to toast the marshmallows after but hey. Sacrifices must be made.

@Ross pretty sure that’s what my wife wants :wink: