I will trade my classic bleeding eye flag for your story and a DPF donation

I have an original bleeding eyes sufferlandrian national flag. I am willing to part with it. I think laser goats rock!

I believe the only appropriate exchange would be for a donation to my DPF fundraiser. But the recipient has prove he/she has Sufferlandrian spirit. So, if you are interested in acquiring the classic flag, please post your most Sufferlandrian worthy story and a donation offer. Best story (not amount) will receive the flag. (Might opt for a community vote to determine that).

I will pay for shipping to anywhere (though not to Angonia), but just regular mail, from the US.


I like the idea. :blush: Let‘s raise some funds.

My story: I don‘t have one and I don‘t need the flag. Give it to me and I‘ll feed it to the laser goats.

Donation offer: $25

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Love the idea of Flag for story plus donation (though not so much I’m parting with mine any time soon). Good luck Sir @Erik-KOS

Great idea! @Erik-KOS

My SUF story… I did my KoS attempt in Nov. You can see my experiences post. After 2 workouts I had some sensor connection issues and ended up taking around 11 minutes in between workouts 2 and 3. This bothered me and I was worried my attempt wouldn’t be valid. So, to ensure my attempt was valid, I decided to add on an extra 2 workouts onto the end of my 10 KoS workouts. I got through 10 and a half workouts when everything crashed. Otherwise I would definitely have completed a 12 workout KoS attempt. In the end my 10.5 workouts was deemed sufficient for knighthood.

Donation offer: $25.50


Ok, Ok. This one is already much better than my story. :slight_smile:


Ok here is mine (even though I am not in contention).

May 2019 when group rides were still a thing, I was late for mine. But “only” six minutes late. I knew the group usually left a few min late and usually started a slower to everyone a chance to warm up. So I booked it out of the gate for my house trying to catch them. I got a top ten fastest time on my way to the meeting spot. But when I got there, they already left. So I kept at it. I knew which route they’d take for the first 5 miles from the meet-up. I was basically riding at my FTP or higher. I got several more PR segments through the next town, but still no sight of the group. Then, I saw them, ahead up me going over a bridge. I knew I could catch them on the back side of the bridge and I did. Those 20 min are still one of my all time highest 20min power.

I don’t think I could’ve done that without Sufferfest, and ToS.


Being rather new to the Sufferfest platform (loving it though), I have not yet any Sufferfest specific stories, but maybe a few real life ones (what, there is another life?).

Last summer I was going for a ~540 km (with ~8000 m climb) ride with 6 others. Unfortunately I had misunderstood when we were supposed to start, and when I thought I still had 30 mins left to prepare I received a phone call asking “where are you?”. We agreed they’d roll easy out of town and I’d catch up. In that respect, 30 mins is quite a gap to bridge, so I decided I had to start somewhat harder than I originally intended, but taking the total distance into account, I couldn’t afford to spend much time on or above FTP, but a few hills here and there meant I sometimes had to in order to gain time.

After a 60 km solo ride I cought up with them, just below 32 km/h average pace, i.e. nearly two hours on my own, covering 1/9th of the total distance. When catching up, I learnt they had starting a wager who will win the most signpost sprints on their way out of town, meaning they did not exactly go easy all the time. Riding in a group is generally easier in any case.

Whether this affected the rest of the trip is hard to tell. Unfortunately I had been a bit unattentive to my nutrition, so started to suffer quite a bit for when it was 50k to go until until half way break, and was not really sure I would make it. But a break with pizza and soda did the trick, and after shaking off the initial stiffness when getting back on the bike, I felt rather good and did quite a lot of pulling across the mountain plain we were crossing at the time.

During our next break (at 1 A.M.) I managed to change bib and apply a new layer of chamois cream. It felt really great, but after riding a little while following the break, it was kind of back to a little discomfort when sitting down. It turns out that riding with a wet bib after a refreshing swim in the heat prior to one of the steeper climbs of the ride maybe was not such a great idea after all. at that time, still 1/3rd of the ride was left. And the suffering got worse. And worse. And worse. Retrospectively, I have been thinking maybe this is what shredded chamois feels like, except it wasn’t the chamois, but my actual sitting area.

I used every opportunity to stand for the rest of the ride, and dreaded every moment I had to sit down again. And it just lasted, and lasted, and lasted. it was like time was standing still although we were moving, like the AC-minute in FF, only extended into infinity.

For the last 30k I was going solo again, as my end destination was a little different to the rest of the group, and I started getting these burning sensations at the soles of my feet, like there was a volcano waiting to erupt, as I am sure many of you have also experienced before. With only 4-5k to go, the pain was so intense I just had to step off my bike for a couple minutes to wriggle my feet trying to ease the pain. I got back on the bike and suffered through the final km’s, anding the ride in 544 km. Had I felt a bit better I would have taken a 6 km detour, but being so utterly destroyed and sleep deprived, I just wasn’t able to. Although having some different kind of suffer stories, I think this may be the one with the most epic level of suffering I have experienced.

Donation offer $30 (understanding its not an auction, flag depends on the story). Sorry for the long posting, there were just too much suffering too room in a shorter post.


@Magnito Epic! How long until you got back on a bike?

Thanks @Erik-KOS! I had one day of rest, then got back on the bike for a 34 km recovery ride, felt quite allright actually. Then I did 73 km the day after that as well, just so I could complete the Strava Distance Challenge for that month. Felt like quite an achievement, never managed that challenge before.

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Magnito is the front runner for now…

are there any more epic tales of suffering out there?

Magnito’s is really good - it sent me back to the drawing board - my submission will be in by Friday Jan 29 end of day (EST).

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well I don’t need the flag and I’ve already reached my donation quota. But there was this one time I was riding my bike home from work and I got stung in the tongue by a wasp. It LITERALLY felt like I got punched in the face, so basically like a lot of SUF vids :stuck_out_tongue:


540kms - that’s like all in a year right? 20mph average for hours on end… jings.
There’s a team with your name waiting to be embroidered.
Note to self: don’t go swimming on a ride …

Yeah, definitely don’t mix swimming with cycling. Bad combo!

I’ve done that a few times. And then went for a run. Apparently, it’s called “triathlon”. :man_shrugging:



It seems my memory betrayed me, turns out it was only about 7k of climbing.


OK, let me give you mine.
My first ever century, I had a great write-up with pics but that forum went away.
2011, I’m 45, following the FatCyclist blog I decided to do his 100 Miles of Nowhere. The goal is to basically do a century that only you can win your category and make it funny or odd.
Mine was on my CX bike (no road bike then) doing laps of my condo complex.
Each lap was like 0.27 miles so I had to do like 385 laps.
I had a number of friends to come by and cheer me on, and drink beer out of my keg fridge.
I started just after sun up and tried to count my laps five at a time with a sharpie on paper. Well, after 20 laps I chucked that and decided to trust my Cateye computer - not even GPS.
First couple of friends came in about a half hour in. They brought a sign to encourage me. It said, “You look like sh** and you’re not gonna make it!” Great friends.
One of them brought a bike to ride with me, but had mechanical issues, so I stopped for a bit to help him.

A bit later some more friends came by, they were going to a running of the bulls event and were all dressed as if they were in Pamplona. So, we did a lap of the bull (me) chasing them. They had some of my beer and went on their way.

I kept riding and got a lot of strange looks from my neighbors. The constant circles were monotonous, so I reversed direction every 25 laps or so to “unwind” myself.

Another friend stopped by on his dual sport motorcycle and he motorpaced me for a few laps. Then he had one of my beers and went on his way.

A while later some more friends came by. The USA Men’s Soccer team was in a World Cup Qualifier that day so they came by to watch on a big screen TV set up in my garage. I asked them for updates as I rode by every minute or so. I had set up my BBQ and halftime I stopped and cooked up burgers for everyone there. I had a beer and watched a good part of the second half with them. The game ended and they finished the beer I provided them and went on their way.

I got back to riding and at one point a neighbor came out and yelled at me that I couldn’t ride my bike around like that. She yelled three laps in a row and then got tired or something. I had 100+ laps to go and knew I could outlast her. Soon enough, she went back inside.

The next distraction was my daughter’s prom. A friend of mine came by to do her hair and makeup. So, some time saying hi and taking pics of the kids and all that stuff.

I got back to riding and then it started getting dark. About 85 miles in and my quads were seriously cramping. Had to just softpedal for a while. Got slower and slower.

A bit later, I finally finished my ~385 laps and my 100 Miles of Nowhere.

Sat down and had a beer and some more cramps.

Took me over 11 hours of riding in about 14 total hours.

All before I had ever heard of Sufferfest or had a trainer, but suffer I did. More than I ever had (swimming across Lake Tahoe was sooo much easier).

Hope you enjoyed my little tale.

I’d easily contribute $50, I figure that’s barely more than a flag costs.


Great story @Rumpled! And great job! :muscle: :fist_right:

TRUE friends! Great story! These are the stooopid kinds of challenges that I like to set for myself too.


“Because it’s there…” to quote George Mallory.

Or as Lazarus Lake said “If you are going to face a real challenge, it has to be a real challenge. You cannot accomplish anything without the possibility of failure”