How to reenter a workout?

Had a blip and my systm app stopped 15 minutes into a workout. Is there a way to reenter it at the time you left? I had to restart it completely and it took forever to try and figure out how to fast forward and get back to the same place.

Relaunch and either start over or FF to where you left off.

First I thought you meant “do Full Frontal again” (which would be cruel and ridiculous) until I realized that in this case FF means fast forward.


If you choose to do so!

Oh, I will. But not just because a video got messed up. That’s too spontaneous and doesn’t leave time to plan and stress about it properly. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I hereby propose “>>” as the universal fast forward. Arbitrarily throwing out “FF” in this forum could be considered cruel and unusual punishment.



So true!!



For me ‘>>’ means much greater than. e.g. That Sufferlandrian’s power >> anything Van der Poel can care to bring out. But I certainly did read FF as Full Frontal first time through.

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