How to save downloaded videos to another hard drive on Windows app

Did you create the “SUF” Folder on the D: Drive?

Assume you’re talking to me? Yes I did. But if you have multiple partitions you can just choose which drive you want to save it to.

I meant @Sir_RobW. You need to make sure that the re-directed target folder is there too.

Ah yes, of course. It should be because I put in the command to ensure the directory was there before creating the link. It sounds like he’s sorted now which is good.

100% correct yes Sir Richard. My side is sorted after you spent soooo much time to get me online :grin: :+1:

I was setting this up so it would link to my NAS, however the switch is different it will be mklink /D “C:\Users\Cornelia\AppData\Roaming\TheSufferfest\videos” “D:\SUF videos”

So mklink /D instead of J for a network drive

Thanks for the help to let me do this.

Definitely needed this. Thanks for it.

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Thanks! I have been needing to do this for ages!

on this way it works for me.

mklink /d “C:\Users\Tango\AppData\Roaming\TheSufferfest\videos” “D:\SufferfestVideos”

Slight detour from the above…

I’d posted that downloading to the linked folder worked for me, but the app gave me an error when I played them. I found that unlinking the folder and using the command that @Peloton above noted (with the /d switch instead of the /j from way up top) has allowed it to work.

So, cool. Thanks to @Peloton.

Did you delete all of the downloaded videos prior to creating the new link?


Yes, I deleted all videos within the app, unlinked the initial link, rebooted (just in case), reestablished the link w/ the /d instead of the /J switch and all was good.

So is it working now?

Yes, as noted 4 posts up.

Ah, perfect, sorry I missed that. Glad it’s working one way or another!

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This would be a lot easier if the program just gave you the option of where to download the videos. I’m in an area that doesn’t have good internet so I need to download all of the videos. That’s 90 GB. While I really appreciate all of the work that the thread creator has put in I’m not really comfortable using CMD. Maybe this whole thread can be condensed for those of us who started with MS-DOS but have intentionally forgotten it.

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I agree, but that’s why I created this topic to at least try to help. I have no affiliation with Sufferfest.

Does anyone know the download videos location on MacOS?

Sorry to bring up an old thread. I’m trying to put the videos on a drive physically located in the computer not a network drive. It happens to be named “D” without the quote marks of course. Does mean that I should use the command:
mklink /D "C:\Users\Cornelia\AppData\Roaming\TheSufferfest\videos” “D:\SUF videos”
Thank you

I believe so yes, but try it and see what happens!