How to save downloaded videos to another hard drive on Windows app

I’ve seen, in the past, several people wishing they could download videos to a different partition instead of the C drive on Windows, if they have a separate data partition which has a lot more space. In the past they have been told this isn’t possible, but there is a workaround. It will involve having to delete and re-download all of your SUF videos though.

For the purposes of this I’m going to assume your Windows username is “YourName” and your secondary/data partition where you want to save your SUF videos is at “D:\SUF VIdeos” but make sure this folder is not yet created.

Here is the method:

Delete all downloaded videos in the SUF app. Close the app, then reboot the app, and close it again.

Open up a file browser window, and in the viewing options choose to show hidden files.

Navigate to C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\TheSufferfest and delete the “videos” folder.

press the windows button and search for “cmd” and click run as administrator for command prompt.

in the window type the exact line and then press enter:

mkdir “D:\SUF videos”

Then type the following and then press enter:

mklink /J “C:\Users\Ross\AppData\Roaming\TheSufferfest\videos” “D:\SUF videos”

Now open up the SUF app and download a video, it will now download and save the video to your other partition.

I hope that helps some people. My C drive is only about 100GB yet my data drive is about 850GB so it makes sense to store my videos there if I can!



Tried it, it is physically impossible to see on the little blue screen and one cant copy and paste what needs to be entered so it just throws out error messages which I cant read. I will just live with re-downloading all the videos every time as I cant get this right

I’m not sure what you mean by little blue screen? Power Shell has a black screen? Are you definitely running it as administrator?

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Powershell has a blue screen on some systems.

To increase the font size in Powershell, click the top corner of the window (the little blue icon), select properties, and then the ‘font’ tab and make it bigger.

There’s a typo in the command line too (one of the slashes is wrong):

mklink /J “C:\Users\Ross\AppData\Roaming\TheSufferfest\videos” “D:\SUF videos”

Ah, thank you! My typo, oops!

I have edited the original post accordingly. Will work now!

Here’s the error message I get if I type in the mklink bit:

mklink is not a powershell command, it’s a “MSDos” command. Once in powershell you could switch to this mode with “cmd” command.

I never had that error message and I definitely opened power shell.

Try opening command prompt (you can just search CMD and it should come up). Bizarre.

Nope, it keeps on giving me errors, I will keep to my current setup and download a video every single time I want to use it

Are you putting a space between the / and the J ? It kind of looks like you are but I’m not sure?

What is the exact folder path you wish to create the link to? If it’s D:\SUF videos try typing this exact line:

mklink /J “C:\Users\Cornelia\AppData\Roaming\TheSufferfest\videos” “D:\SUF videos”

I am determined to get this sorted for you, there is no reason why it shouldn’t, it has worked perfectly well for me on 2 separate machines.

I tried both with and without a space - It is really dumb that one just cant copy and paste the line

What happens if you do the same in command prompt? Press the windows key and search “cmd” and then click to run command prompt as administrator.

I believe that I have managed to get it done within the PowerShell screen, I closed the screen before taking a screenshot of it but it said that it was successfully created. I now have a shortcut folder on my C drive which I take it now stores it on the D.

The problem now is that if I double click on it to open it it tells me:

If I then go to the D drive the folder is no longer there, wait let me back track and try to get the SUF Videos folder back on D.

You need to go into SUF and download a video. Just don’t do Cobbler, it appears broken for me!

Thanks, ya I have downloaded just a small one to see. So the app still shows the C drive space available on the app

Should this be or should it show the D drive space? I can see that the video has downloaded onto the D drive with a shortcut lying within the C drive (which I take it goes to the D drive)

The app will show the C drive space because that’s where it’s installed. As long as when you download the video your C drive space doesn’t go down and your D drive space DOES go down and the videos work you’re all set!

Now… Any chance you could quickly try streaming or downloading Cobbler and telling me if it’s broken? I wanted to do it today but it’s not working! All other videos are fine.

Ya no, it is definitely broken:

Thanks. Glad you’re sorted!