How to sell my bike

So I just bought a brand new 2021 Trek Domane SL7 today. I got a deal I could not refuse!

I don’t have room for multiple bikes in our condo, so I’m looking to sell my existing 2019 Domane SL6. But I’m at a bit of a loss where to begin with that.

I see listings on Pro’s Closet, but don’t they take a huge cut of the sale? I’m hesitant to post on FB Marketplace, so I was hoping to get some feedback from others who’ve done either, or other options.

Here’s a photo of my new bike!

And my existing one. Note that I’ll put the Ultegra chainrings back on (I wanted 160mm cranks so switched to 105).



Craigslist? I’ve used that site before, but obv you’re limited to local unless you want to deal w endless scammers.

Craigslist in Chicago is filled with stolen bikes at a fraction of their true worth.

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Ah. Fair.

Locally we have some FB bike specific groups that are legit and are mainly for buying selling and trading bike stuff. Also, Kijiji but similar to Craigslist there can be some stolen stuff. If you price it fairly, it will sell. I sold my Diverge via a FB bike market.

Edit: also congrats!!


+1 for local FB bike specific groups

I don’t know the best way to sell a bike, but have a storage suggestion. Might not work in your situation, but SteadyRack is a very space efficient way to store bikes if you have a few feet of unused wall.

My new bike! I’m loving the di2, and I’ve not even ridden it yet! Just got it home, will put it on the Kickr tomorrow.


it looks WAAAAAY better there than at the shop :slight_smile:


So I ended up posting my bike on FB Marketplace. I got a hit from some guy that wanted to buy it, and supposedly paid via Zelle. Except he claimed there was a problem and he would need to pay me an extra $300 in order for the payment to go through…

Scammers are getting more sophisticated all the time. Just beware, don’t part with anything of value before you’ve got the money in your account. Notice the email supposedly from Zelle.

I’m a computer programmer so I didn’t fall for his lies. And it didn’t make sense anyway. Zelle would not demand such a thing in the first place.


You’ve got to admire the blatancy of the scam though. Was his plan that along with riding off on your bike he would also end up with $300 of your cash in his pocket too?

I shouldn’t make light, because I know many people do get scammed and these perpetrating it never really ever seem to get called to account out which is not good.


Oh that is sweet!

Wow. What a ssssscam.