How to view SYSTM history in browser in metric units?


My workouts are done using the SYSTM App, usually on a phone, and the app is set to metric units. The display is in metric while in progress, and also when history is viewed in the App either on the phone or on my windows 10 PC.

Noticing that the history displays are a bit different when viewed in the browser - a power curve as one example - I sometimes like to look at these, but distance, speed, and torque for examples are displayed in standard units using the browser.

Is there a way to see browser based history displays in metric - the distance and speed most particularly?


These should be consistent across all apps including the web app. Can you check the settings in the web app to make sure they are set to metric as well?

Hello Sir Glen.

Thank you for your reply.

An update: In the process of trying to confirm your note, I first had a look at the setting My Profile → About You (tab) → Display Preferences (section) → Units (parameter value), and this was currently set to “Metric (km/kg)”. I then went and looked in the Progress → History tab and the distances for recorded workout entries there were displaying in km, so metric; however, when I checked the Progress → History Beta tab then entries were showing in Imperial miles even after I refreshed the page. As a semi retired longtime programmer I got thinking that such inconsistencies in displays were likely to be due to inconsistent cached state values. And so, as a test, I went into the My Profile → About You (tab) → Display Preferences (section) → Units (parameter value) and selected edit, and on that screen first changed the radio button to Imperial and then back to Metric and then did a “Save”. Now when I go back into the Progress sections the distances (and other units) are all displaying as metric values in both of the History and History Beta type displays.


Nice bit of troubleshooting there. The Company really needs to integrate some of the various places these things are stored.

The Elemnt CA, WFA, SYSTM apps in various operating systems and a web app. Changing one in one place, ideally should change them in all but if I see anyone else with this issue, I’ll remember your steps to resolve it. Cheers!

For sure something that could be improved but, for me, minor in the bigger scheme of things.

I figure, feature wise, there are many huge opportunities in better integration between SystmX and RGT, that could much better exploit the excellent simulation capabilities of RGT and the rich library of structured workouts in SystmX into a comprehensive training system that would have no rivals.

For example, most all the SystmX workouts could be available in RGT such that at workout time an option to run the workout as either the existing Systm workout (and with whatever existing accompanying video) or as an RGT ride with the equivalent power / cadence timeline to be followed. I figure folks who have seen the existing video so many times that they well know the drill would appreciate being able to run their favorite (suffering) sessions while being immersed in an RGT type virtual simulation. These could even be available as rubber-banded group rides allowing two or more to have personalized 4DP power based training sessions while still together virtually in a shared timeline experience. This is something that is impossible IRL.


Preaching to the choir :slight_smile:

Edit: that said, I would do The SUF vids over and over and over (I have). I never get tired of them. They are in fact, the reason I got into indoor training. I’ve done workouts in sims like RGT and Zwift and just can’t get motivated to do them there. Also, that said, there are plenty of No-Vids with very repetitive efforts that would lend themselves very well to riding in a sim. I just dont count the majority of SUF vids in that mix. Also, that said (or did I say that already), all the SUF vids can already currently be done in RGT or outdoors. There’s a web browser extension that allows you to send any of them (except the tests) to RGT where you can sim til your hearts content :slight_smile: