Training History Download

Hi Minions,

So I’m appreciating the “Receive a copy of your activity history” feature in the SYSTM app (Profile > About You > Account Actions for those interested), especially while we (patiently) await the reintroduction of the progress and comparison features from SUFF.

Is there a reason, though, why the .csv DOESN’T include the 5sec/1min/5min/20min power metrics for individual workouts? Those metrics are saved for every workout, so you guys must have the data, but the only data in the .csv are the power profile #'s.

Would REALLY help bridge the gap until we get the full functionality back. At least allow us to manually compare workouts in the spreadsheet.


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…and btw, yes I still have a copy of Sufferfest on my MBP so that I can still access all the features currently missing from SYSTM.

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