Units keep changing

Has anyone else run into a situation where your profile display preferences changes, on its own, from imperial to metric? I usually don’t notice until I am pedaling and my speed look a tad high :grinning:

I thought I had it figured out: SYSTM will sometimes forget which device I want to use for cadence and when I set it to my Sigma Duo it sometimes changes the units. But, it also happens without any changes to the devices.

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Yep. Same! Irritating, but my Bolt used to do the same on an update now and again. I think it’s related to SYSTM updates as well.

There is only metric. All hail metric.


I learned to quickly multiply or divide by 1.60934 in my head. Nah…actually I just do 1.6.

I had this happen last week. It’s just the minions screwing with you. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

The only good use for metric is qualifying for a century… :wink:
(Even if it is far more logical!) :slight_smile: :man_student:

I don’t disagree that metric is useful in some instances. For hydration calculations, weight and water intake in metric is SO much easier.

But, being born and raised in the metrically-challenged USA I think in MPH and miles.

I usually go the opposite way: 100 k is ~62 mi

100 / 1.6 = ~63

63 x 1.6 = ~100

Close enough for government work, I guess.

We’re both right within a rounding error

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Yes it happens to me also. Didn’t think it might be tied to Systm updates.