Hydration mix and fuel

Last year I learned the benefits of getting in enough calories while training. It has made my swims, rides, and runs more pleasant. Now I want to optimize my nutrition while I train. I used a lot of general Gatorade powder and propel electrolytes. Wondered if other brands like SIS or Skratch would be better suited. I also purchased some gels for the first time and when compared to eating fruits or fig bars I find gels to be easier to choke down.

Let me know what your recommendations are and if is it even worth it!

I think it’s quite a personal thing, so you have to try for yourself. SIS make some quality products, but I find their energy bars taste a bit weird! But I do like their electrolyte tabs and their gels are okay. My favourite nutrition brand is Veloforte, but I’m not sure if they sell outside of the UK. All their bars, hydration and even gels are natural and taste great!

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Yeah looks like it is a UK only brand! It definitely is personal just don’t know if the cheap Gatorade is good enough for me or if the more expensive stuff better. Might have to find out!

Try a wide range. Some people get upset stomachs from some products and others are completely fine with them. Price doesnt mean good quality. Look at the ingredients for every product you try.


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I think you will easily find something better than Gatorade. It’s a shame you can’t try Veloforte, but you will probably find something similar if you look around. Check for natural ingredients and minimal processing. If you can get hold of SIS then I would try their products as a baseline. I just find them a bit too “chemical” tasting for my liking, which is the main reason I switched away from them.

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I had one of their gels once. I got it at a race and that gel had probably the best texture, but the taste was horrible. Don’t know if the drink mix is any different.

i find that SIS gels upset my stomach …i use Torq products and find these work well for me, their gel flavours are really nice and the drinks mix well

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I make my own ‘energy’ drink by mixing about 300ml of fresh orange juice in my 750ml bottle and adding about 1/2 tsp of salt.
Energy gels etc… I just have some Jelly Babies or wine gums or something similar, but only if my training is over an hour.
Lots cheaper than sports drinks and tastier as well, also I find it doesn’t affect my stomach.


I did a 100 mile ride a few years ago in the summer heat and was bonking badly. I eventually stopped at a petrol station and bought a packet of fruit pastilles, something that I probably hadn’t had for 20 years. I was actually very excited about a justified guilty pleasure. Until I read on the packet: “New recipe - reduced sugar!”

Damn health police!!

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I did that once with pineapple juice may start doing it again.

I do think cheaper sugary snacks are just made with poor quality ingredients, but at the end of the day it is still sugar.