I just started using a Nix Biosensor. Curious if anyone else has started with the same or similar. Pretty interesting stuff. Would love to see better integration across platforms.

I’d be extremely careful with such a device. great marketing, otherwise costly and useless to put it bluntly. knowing your hydration state won’t help with performance and could actually lead to overhydration and possibly hyponatremia as the most extreme consequence. go by feel, listen to your body and drink to thirst, simple as that.
if you want more information on the topic, either check the scientific evidence (which might turn out to be quite time-consuming though), read “Waterlogged” by Tim Noakes who did a lot of research on the topic or check the first 10 minutes of one of the latest podcasts by Prof. Ross Tucker https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9hY2Nlc3MuYWNhc3QuY29tL3Jzcy82MTAwODU2NTMxZmQ4MWYxMjViMzRkYWMvZGVmYXVsdA/episode/NjM3YmEzMTdiYTQ2NDcwMDEwNDBmODhh?ep=14
so proper(!) hydration is important for temperature regulation in the heat but as I said drinking to thirst is key