I am leaving

Well, took the hard decision to leave Sufferlandia.

Hurts a bunch, price hikes, tech issues that cannot be solved following all advice and minions guidance. All is blamed on MY EQUIPMENT, wahoo itself on a bad economical situation, Wahoo Fitness’ Debt Ratings Lowered On Potential Default | SGB Media Online
DISTRESSED DAILY: Wahoo Fitness Faces Potential Liquidity Crunch
Wahoo in financial trouble?: Triathlon Forum: Slowtwitch Forums
Friday Sports Tech Thoughts: Wahoo’s Financial Viability & Tonal Price Changes | DC Rainmaker

And the articles go on and on.

NOT going to zwift or any other platform, will simply try to redo mentally as many Sufferfest workouts as I can to keep my MAP somewhat stable and in good place.

I don’t have the resources many of you have, I make a month what many might make in a week or every 2 weeks.

  • Made the nvestment to get a new laptop, issues continued,
  • Got new ant+ dongle, issues continued
  • Got new trainer sensor, issues continued
  • Got reminder that payment is due n a few days, can’t do it, want to, but, can’t

Take care and keep on Suffering

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Not an employee but I’d be willing to do some troubleshooting with you if you want to give it a shot.



Thank you, but, between laptop, new dongle, new sensor for trainer, I’ve spend about 1 month’s salary, Windows 10 PC catastrophically failed so went to my Win7 Pro and all was good until they cut support for it, Windows 11 stopped working after an update.

I myself work as tech support for a company and we support Windows 7.

I cannot simply continue paying for something that they blame me for.

It was a nice ride, it worked, I was able to keep up with bunch of people who would have left me in the dust, but, have not been able to actually see results, I was just following the videos for targets and recording the values on another app on my cellphone.

Again, thank you for your willingness to help.


No problem. Sorry to hear about the troubles you’ve had. If you change your mind and can find the funds to resubscribe, don’t hesitate to reach out.



Again, thank you!

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That’s unfortunate, but windows 7 stopped providing free security updates in 2020, after 10 years, and stopped providing paid ones two weeks ago. I doubt the number of people using that could justify the proportion of cost (passed on to us) needed to support it, if feasible at all. I (and I think many others) had no real issues with the windows 10 app.

There is an Android app too if that helps you.


Me neither, I use 10 on my PC and 11 on my laptop… Did have issues with Android though and that’s why I bought a S/H Lenovo laptop and that is faultless. Like the poster who is cash strapped, I live on the state pension here in the UK which isn’t exactly mega bucks so Systm is the only thing I subscribe to, would like to subscribe to more but cannot so I use the free versions of other stuff like Strava


One item i will point out is that your company may support a product on Windows 7, but Microsoft says “You are on your own if it breaks”. Wahoo can’t get support if any of their products breaks on that platform or Windows10. If Windows 11 broke after an upgrade it’s time to reach out to sipport (that’s basically what you are paying for). Plus, the community is here too…


I’m pretty sure windows 10 is still supported by MS for several more years. I think it’s not fundamentally very distinct from windows 11 though. I read that even Chrome and Explorer/Edge are no longer supporting Win 7, and I suspect that will mean CA certs aren’t updated, and so the browsers will basically break soon. Almost all support for Win 7 will now move to “community” solutions.