All good things come to an end, I guess

I’ve been with the Sufferfest since the very first video, but I’m going to let my subscription lapse when this payment period ends. There’s just too much clutter now, too many things I’m just not into. I don’t really want to spend a week with Ian Boswell. I can do entirely unstructured workouts like the Pro Rides on my own, outside. I want music, and I don’t want to have to jump through silly hoops to listen to music while doing a workout. It’s pretty clear the future of this platform is not with the old school Sufferfest videos, which is a shame, because I’ve “enjoyed” them immensely for a long time. Que sera…

Sorry to hear that. I feel similar as you do.
Still, I did TeamScream 13x, NineHammers 9x, ThinAir 6x, Hell Hath No Fury 8x, Revolver 8x, LongScream 6x, etc. and as of now I’m not getting tiered of them.
On recovery days I actually prefere/enjoy the Inspirational Videos more than the Sufferfest Videos at low intensity.
And I try do to the yoga and strengh sessions more or less regularly. 15min is something I can sqeuze almost always into my day. The Yoga sessions helped to reduce the tensions/pain in my back and I find the strengh sessions better structured and with more variety than the 7-min or 10-minutes workout session smartphone apps I used previously.



Still, Fair Winds and Following Seas.

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Sorry to here this, @afolpe . Hope all works out well for you wherever you end up! And you’ll always be welcome back if you decide to make a return visit. :slight_smile:

So what is stopping you from continuing to do those videos and ignoring the rest?


Not sure I understand the cause of the dissatisfaction? SUF remains virtually intact except for a few missing parts (which will reappear I’m sure). The added content (273 cycling videos?) should satisfy most looking for variety. New content seems to be added with increased frequency as the Wahoo partnership appears to have added to the SUF reach. In terms of value I think the Systm can’t be beat. Don’t let the slicker new packaging turn you off.


I’m sad, but I came to the same conclusion, just canceled my subscription, yes the content is there, new content came… but somehow I lost the enjoyment ever since the new app. In the past I just opened the suff app chose a video and off I went to ride, now I sometimes couldn’t stream videos, buffering, app lagging, sound not playing, video not fitting screen… didn’t have the “history” to easily compare rides…
I will for sure miss the community as also the FB group in the past and now the forum has been great place to share/help each other, learn, so this I’ll probably visit from time to time.