(I feel) loading this forum is very slow

Anyone else noticing it takes an age to load a page in the forum - especially first load of the forum summary?
Seems a bit odd for a simple text rendered page.

It’s better in the discourse hub app. Download the app and enter forum.thesufferfest.com

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That’s what I’m using. It’s fine occasionally - but this morning it took a minute and a half to just get the opening screen up

When I’m on my phone and on WiFi it sometimes seems a little slow so I turn off the WiFi and just use data, really snappy and responsive at that point.

No, it’s speed is fine and appropriate to the platform and it’s working perfectly for me on my end. I’m really very happy with it, but then again I’m not a FB user ordinarily so I’m more than happy to not be on there to check in with my fellow Knights and other Sufferlandrians.


I have to do the same, if I am trying to access the forum on my phone. Can’t get it to load on wifi at all. Turn wifi off and it loads instantly on data

Good to hear it is perfect for you sir. It is however not ‘appropriate to the platform’ in my experience if it’s slow for some of us. There is something to understand here.
I feel it’s very slow to load, compared to any other platform of a similar nature.

Now that could be any number of causes, including own equipment, and I’ll be more specific - ‘I’ find this platforms page slow to load in comparison with other similar text based forums I use

That’s a really good shout - and interesting aspect.
Just tried that and like you report - Wi-fi vs mobile data is slow vs fast. Good spot !!

So there is something in there somewhere, unless we’re all in the same internet wifi pipe somewhere.

That’s a shame @Martin.
I tried loading the forum with wifi on and off (using my phones data roaming) and the speed was identical
Not really a solution or any help to you at all, I know. It was more a post to just let you know it does and can work correctly, but maybe just not for all of us it would seem.
I hope the experience improves for you in the coming days and weeks mate. Good luck mate.

Ta. The vagaries of compatibility and so on.
Good thing is mobile data luckily for me is unlimited. So will use that.

My suspicion is there’s ‘something’ about this that’s triggering some form of authentication/Wi-fi thing that is perhaps device specific.

Maybe we should gather device info.
For the two others reporting the Wi-fi/mobile data difference?

Sir_Martin - iPhone 11 Pro - on 13.5.1 - Wi-fi speed is otherwise fine on (a very fortunate to have) 219Mbps connection - testing ok, pinging ok, Site loading all ok on similar forums, weirdly even in other discourse managed ones.

I might try logging out of other ones as well and logging in again and checking that out.

@Martin, Is this better now? We fixed a small bug in he css that @JamesT found.

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@Cody.Moore @JamesT nicely done - yes - and I had wondered if something had changed - it’s very much instant now. The Wi-fi/mobile data ‘thing’ is odd - but that’s pushing my web dev skills

Thanks for sorting. It is now as fast as a text forum should be (and probably was to many already) on my iPhone and iPad - I’ve checked by going back in to the forum without using the App as well


Seems to be running alot better now. I can open it on wifi. :smile:

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Aye @Sir_Jim we seem to be sorted. Which makes the whole thing much more engaging as well. Thanks for helping out with the Wi-fi / mobile data diagnostic

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Weird thing is it was a timeout when loading up some fonts so it shouldn’t have mattered which connection you were using (unless maybe there’s some funky extra caching going on when on data?). Anyhoo, seems to be loading like a speed demon now :hamster:

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Thanks - that’s interesting from a professional point of view. Could be that mobile data when in use at the client end, the cache hangs on to information, but on Wi-fi it doesn’t and then gets tripped up by the font timeout thing.

Anyway - thanks for sharing