Video lags

I rode The Shovel this morning. The music and clock were fine but the video lagged and every 2 seconds would jump. I download the videos and use a Mac book Air that is 3 years old.

Anything other than re-download and hope?

I have Team Scream tomorrow and do t want a repeat

Of course this is likely user error



Your problem sounds a bit like the descriptions in this thread. Maybe you could read up on a few of the last comments to get a better picture - to see if it fits.

For many users the solution to the problem was a downgrade of the software from version 6.14 to 6.13.

Do you know which version you are currently running?

Of course it could also be a one off problem caused by something completely different. Did you change anything on your computer or the connected devices recently?

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@SirPaul Can you shoot us an email so that we can dig into this with you a bit? We’ll get to you quickly and see if we can get things working better in time for Team Scream tomorrow!

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Thank you sooooo Much! I updated the App and previewed a little of Team Scream and it appears I am all set for the right kind of suffering tomorrow!


I was running version 6.14 and updated to 6.16 and it seems to be resolved!


Keep us updated @SirPaul, you know we’re always happy to help!


I have only ever has 1 or 2 very small lags on videos but after reading this thread thought I would check apps because I do like to stay up to date. I have 6.11 on iPad and 6.14 on Mac but I can’t seem to find anywhere instructions for how to update the apps.

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I suspect @SirPaul rode so hard that he dropped the video