I need ideas an 8 week gap

I’ve completed the fitness kickstarter and I will finish the intermediate road on January 24th.

I have an 8 week gap before starting the metric century plan. The plan is scheduled to end on my event day.

My weakness is sustained efforts. I’m tossing around the idea of a rest week and checking out some of the new inspirational videos. Then hitting a 3week MAP block followed by a 3 week FTP block. If I do these back to back I can squeeze in a half Monty and some rest before my metric plan.

I’d also have time for a MAP block and the Volcano climbing plan.

My biggest concern in the Volcano and the metric plans are riding 3 hours+ Indoors. I live in a very cold part of Maine which will make outdoor rides tough until mid April or May.

I want to make sure I have enough recovery before I hit my metric century plan.

I’m welcome to other ideas as well.

I want to have a plan so I don’t drop the ball and have a fitness setback.

I believe that during mid-season one could benefit much from any kind of strength training. So I would say volcano climbing is the way to go. Last training block maybe not the best place for strength but in your case - before metric century scheduled to event day - looks like a good plan to me. Or maybe even volcano before MAP block, then to MAP and finally to century plan.

It probably depends on the nature of your planned event. Assuming it is indeed a metric century and that you’re planning to ride it at a steady pace, I would probably focus on building your base, muscle strength and FTP - I’m not sure MAP, AC or NM will be that important (especially the latter two). So, I would suggest considering a base block followed by an FTP block, with each supplemented by strength and yoga cross-training.

The other thing to consider is that it’s recommended to have 1-2 weeks off structured training after a 12-week plan before embarking on the next block - I’m not clear from your post whether you’ve allowed for that.

Hi - there’ll be others much more qualified to suggest training solutions but on the point about 3 hour workouts I’d simply say this. It’s really important to pay attention to your fuelling and hydration just like you would on a long outdoor ride and don’t forget that if you are properly in the zone you’ll be working harder than you would outdoors so need to hydrate and fuel more. So make sure you have all supplies in easy reach of the bike​:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Regarding taking a break after a 12 week plan, I don’t think that is necessarily recommended. Remember that there are already recovery weeks built into the plans to make them inherently sustainable. I think whether or not you actually need a break depends more on how you feel (both physically and mentally) and how much training you have been doing over a much longer time frame. I don’t think there is any right or wrong answer, but I wouldn’t automatically take a break at the end of a 12 week plan. But I probably would look to change the focus. Just doing some totally unstructured riding for a week or two is always an option.

Thanks for the replies

I only planned a break because I saw it suggested before.

I was looking a MAP blocks to raise the ceiling on my FTP.

It a just a fun ride but if my FTP increase I can spend more time in my zone2,Zone3 and SST during the ride.

I may do the volcano first, I’ve also been a poor climber but I’m on track to be around 180 instead of 220-270 pounds which will really help

I completed gran rondo NY at 215 but the climbs beat me up and my FTP then was 30watts more.

At the end of the day taking is experimenting.

@mb207 Not sure there is a right answer. Volcano plan is pretty intense - 3 weeks on and 1 off with lots of big efforts. MAP is also intense in different ways but you can choose either 2 or 3 weeks on and one off. They can probably be stacked but it is just a situation where you should listen to your body. Both blocks will definitely lead to improvement but you definitely need to get the recovery right… Also be mindful of other non-training stresses during both blocks as those can affect your workouts. In that case, adjust your intensity where needed.

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