Plan choice for big Summer Gran Fondo

Greetings fellow Sufferlandrians!

Having just completed the advanced All-Purpose Road plan I am now looking ahead to my main Summer event, a 110 mile Alpine Gran Fondo/Sportive with around 3500 m of climbing. 7+ hours in the saddle with 3 long climbs.

My event is in early July, so I was planning to end my training with the Mountainous Gran Fondo plan. But that gives me a couple of months to fill in before starting this plan. So I was wondering how best to use that time.

My initial thought is to do a 4 week FTP block, followed by the Volcano climbing plan, which then gives me a week off before starting the Gran Fondo plan. Sustained is my current weakness, although I’m fairly strong all-round. Obviously I want to focus on sustained climbing and endurance for this event.

I will also be adding basic strength training, yoga and mental strength. Does this sound like a good plan? My main concern is whether or not the Volcano plan is a good idea as it’s a fair way off my event and may lead to peaking too soon. Would it be better instead to do something less intense before starting the Mountainous GF plan? Any thoughts and ideas most welcome.

Cheers, Pete

Hey @Peteski ,
My suggestion is to go with the all purpose road plan designed for strength. It’s really tricky adding the strength to the volcano and block plans.


Thanks Coach. I see what you mean about combining with strength training, especially for the Volcano. But I am a bit reluctant to repeat the All-Purpose Road plan as that’s what I’ve just completed.

I think I could add strength to the FTP block without too much of a problem. Maybe I could drop the Volcano and maybe do a Tempo block instead? Again that looks okay to add a couple of moderate strength sessions. In that case would you do the FTP or Tempo block first?

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Hey Pete,
You could do that. If you do, get with the Tempo first, then FTP. It’ll give you time to adapt to the strength sessions without putting you in a hole.
Let us know how it goes

Okay thanks, that makes sense. I have already been doing strength training in my last 12 week plan, so was just going to continue where I left off.

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