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I am new to Sufferfest. Can you point me to information included in the email following a ride. What is TSS and IF? Anything else to understand? Thanks, Chris

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Welcome to Sufferlandria. Both IF and TSS are based on your FTP. FTP is a measure, usually approximated, of how hard you can ride for an hour. FTP stands for functional threshold power.

IF stands for intensity factor and is measured by the weighted average power, called normalized power (NP), of your workout divided by your FTP.

TSS adds a duration component as a way to measure the training load of a workout. TSS stands for Training Stress Score.

Basically higher numbers are better, but not necessarily accurate, because there are a lot of assumptions made to condense a workout down into a few numerical values. See this article below for more specifics.

IF, TSS and 4DP


It is explained clearly on the blackboard

And welcome Caspooner

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Thank you for the replies. I am a COVID cohort rider. Fortunately, I purchased the bike last year and got serious in March. After recently getting a trainer, I started the one-week prep for the FF and plan to do later this week. Excited to make progress this winter. Much appreciated.