Is Jeff Tweedy a Sufferlandrian?

Some of his lyrics make me wonder. For example…

Bombs Above (AKA all of SUF)
A man so drunk he could hardly stand
Told me once holding my hand
Suffering is the same for everyone

One and a Half Stars and Ultra Orange Room (AKA Violator)
There is no mother like pain

Some Birds (AKA Nine Hammers)
So why fuss, why not bend
Like a nail, hammered in?
Oh, times are tough
If I recall, oh, it ain’t easy
No, not at all

Standing O (AKA leaving Couchlandria and riding Attacker)
I’m finally off of my back …
I mope and I cry and attack

Sky Blue Sky (AKA Full Frontal)
Oh, I didn’t die
I should be satisfied
I survived
That’s good enough for now


I found another one!

Ashes of American Flags:
I want a good life with a nose for things
Fresh wind and bright sky to enjoy my Suffering

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Not sure, Suffering without a goal is pointless. Suffering to better oneself is admirable, but doing it for the betterment of others is inspirational. That’s why the knighthood challenge used to require riding for a charitable cause.

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Yes and to be fair I’m selectively quoting his songs (because whenever I hear those lines it makes me think about The Sufferfest!)

This is what Tweedy actually has to say:

… Tweedy takes aim at the “tortured artist mythology” that dogged much of Wilco’s early output, from the deceptively poppy darkness of Summerteeth to the resignation of A Ghost Is Born. “I don’t just think it’s unhelpful, I think it’s harmful and dangerous for people to believe it,” he explains. “Suffering obviously doesn’t create anything other than misery. There would be a whole lot more art in the world if it was only the product of suffering – I think artists create in spite of suffering, like anybody else.