Is ride intensity adjusted based on how you choose to ride

I rode the tour for the first time last year and I really can’t remember what I picked. Are the rides adjusted for your 4dp regardless of which option you pick and are the ride intensities changed based on if you pick “Get me through it”, “focused” or “nuclear”?

Each ride regardless of TOS is adjusted to your figures,
On top of that, if you choose Focused or GMTI, further % adjustments are made


Thank you, I must have just rode in pure ignorant bliss last year.

Short answer: yes.

All options are adjusted to your FTP, like any other workout.

Nuclear is 100%, regardless. Focused adjusts certain metrics, in certain stages, based on your FTP - down to 85-90%, in my experience - but most are still 100%. GMTI I’m assuming just adjusts some metrics even lower, but I haven’t done that so not sure the range.

If you’re curious, you could literally load all three to your calendar and look at the stages to compare, then just keep the one you want.

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Thank you, didn’t even think to add multiple versions to my calendar. I might check that out.

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No worries. I try to keep it simple and just go nuclear, with the ability to manually dial it down if needed.